How to Avoid Car Salesman Techniques and Tactics

How to avoid car salesman tactics and techniques and save money.

The car salesman has you at a disadvantage. You see, he hones his car selling skills five or six days a week while you only buy a car once every three, four, or five years.

He, or she, (there are a lot of women in car sales these days,) is the professional…while you are the trepidatious amateur. That doesn’t mean they will lie to you, but they do have a lot of persuasive tricks up their sleeves.

Here I’ll share with you the nine most common car sales tactics and techniques used by these salespeople. This will ensure you recognize what they’re trying to do and let you prepare your response ahead of time. Don’t be too hard on them though, they’re only trying to put bread on the table! My goal here is to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of and buy a new car at the best possible price.