Top 10 Car Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid the top 10 car buying mistakes people make when buying a car at a dealership.

Buying a car is fun and it’s very easy to get caught up in all the excitement. You drive off the lot with a big grin on your face, but then a few days later realize you overpaid for your new car because you made one of several common car buying mistakes. That’s when reality strikes and sadly find out it’s too late to do anything about it.

Buying a car isn’t like buying a pair of jeans. You can’t return it if you don’t like it. Unless there’s actually a fault with it, the dealership has no obligation to take back that brand new truck, SUV or sedan. (Even if it is faulty, they must be given a chance to fix it first.)

So if you find out your new ride doesn’t fit your garage or isn’t as comfortable as it seemed on the test drive, tough luck. Worse still, if you find out you overpaid or can’t afford the payments, well you’re still on the hook for that monthly sum.

How do you avoid this problem? Simple: read’s list of the top 10 car buying mistakes people make and then you’ll know what to look out for. Here they are.