New car buyers guide by Auto Cheat Sheet.

Trust car dealers?

Trust car dealers?

Trust car dealers?

Leverage new car buying tips to save money.

Use the experience of others to find the hidden costs within the new car buying process. We will help get the most value for your money. End the possibility of having buyer’s remorse … except maybe for the color of car you decided to buy.

Find Great Local Deals

Find the best new car prices & discounts in your local area.

Configure money down

Sometimes more is less, especially when it comes to finance charges. Whether compiled over years vs. a down payment upfront,  Be careful and do the math.

Why do you leverage the money down?

Time car purchase

Tuesday and Wednesday are weekly sweet spots for buying new cars. These days combined with yearly sales cycles and dealer rebates equal an exceptional value.

When is the best time to buy a car?

Figure dealer holdback

Many car buyers don’t understand how dealer holdback is used and the role it plays in the deal-making process.

How to calculate dealer holdback?

Limit dealer fees

Limit dealer fees by discovering their pitfalls.  Learn how to stiff-arm these sales tactics, if they come up during your new car purchase.

What dealer fees should you pay?

What's Your Trade Worth?

Take the guesswork out of trading your car.

Explore online quotes

Car selling hasn’t changed, but car buying has.  The web can be used to maximize your approach, sequence and negotiation using only your computer.

Where are the best online quote sites?

Buying your first car

Buying your first car can be very exciting! But it can also be a bit overwhelming. The best car for the best price is your ultimate goal. But working with a salesman can be intimidating.

Why first time car buyer’s should be careful?

Understand quote sites

Be aware of who’s on the other end of an online new car quote site.  Be stingy with your information; unless you’re lonely and wanting some company.

Which new car price quote site should I use?

New Car Clearance Prices

Many vehicles are priced well “Below Dealer Invoice!”

Questions to ask yourself

Ask yourself the right questions, in the right order to get a good deal. Leave your emotions at the door, don’t fall into a car dealer’s dream of “I just need it!”

Why do you want / need a new car?