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Avoid Car Salespeople by New Car Shopping Online

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Before online car-buying sites existed, the only way to get car dealers to compete was by driving to several different dealerships, finding a new car, and then wasting hours haggling over price. The sites below are the best online car-buying sites that I recommend.

You can use specific online car-buying platforms to get car dealers to compete for your business by starting a new car price bidding war. Gathering new car price bids from as many local dealers as possible is the key to getting the best deal. Then you can shop them against each other until no one can match your best price.

What is an Online Car-Buying Site?

Online car shopping sites use sophisticated search engines to enable you to compare various cars or trucks within your budget. Many of these online car-buying services have extensive research and review areas that allow you to learn more about a vehicle you may be interested in purchasing.

The best online car-buying sites allow you to request free new car price quotes from multiple dealers in your local area.

Also, other aspects of the online buying process are firmly in your favor when you negotiate.

Here are some of the critical advantages of using an online car-buying platform:

  • No time wasted
  • No sales pressure
  • No face-to-face salesperson interaction
  • Opportunity to shop and compare prices from several dealerships at the same time

Benefits of the Best Online Car-Buying Sites

One of the most common new car-buying mistakes is focusing all your shopping on one dealership.  The main benefit of using an online car-buying site is you can visit several dealerships at once from anywhere in the world using your computer, smartphone, tablet, or iPad.

The entire car shopping process can be completed in just a few minutes and will save you time, money, and back-and-forth haggling over the price of the car.

One of the most significant benefits of shopping for a car online is that you don’t have to worry about physically going to a dealership.  This allows you to avoid haggling, for hours on end, with a salesperson and the dealership staff.

When Car Dealers Compete for Your Business, YOU WIN!

Dealers know if they’re not aggressively discounting the vehicle’s price, the buyer will not contact them and move on to the following dealership with the lower price.

The dealer’s goal is to send you a low enough price to entice you to contact them, not the competition.

Savvy new car shoppers have used online car-buying sites for over a decade to obtain FREE new car price quotes. You will find the information you need to get local, new car dealerships to compete in a bidding war.

This car-buying strategy guarantees you the lowest price on your next new car, truck, minivan, or SUV.

There is no need to worry about your personal information; it is private, safe, and secure. The companies I recommend are well-established, have excellent ratings, and have been in business for a long time. For more detailed information on how these online car-buying sites make money and can provide free quotes, visit my article on how new car price quote services work.

I’ve listed the most popular, well-established free quote services for you here. These services have given my readers the most significant discounts and reliable offers for years.

These online companies have thousands of dealer members in their networks. Requesting a quote through these companies forces the dealers in their network to bid against each other to competitively bring you the lowest possible price.

Some of these automotive services may have the same network of dealer members. A Ford dealer may be a member of the Ryde Shopper network and the Cars Direct network. This can work to your advantage, offering an even higher discounted price.

When a dealer’s Internet department receives your quote request from more than one company, they know you are using the Internet to comparison shop and collect as many free price quotes as possible.

This also lets them know you’re a serious car buyer and contact several dealerships within the local area. Knowing this information, dealers understand they need to be aggressive in their pricing if they even want to sell you a vehicle.

This is how to drive up competition between dealerships and lower new car asking prices without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Use free online car-buying tools to have dealers compete online and level the playing field.

Start an Online Bidding War Between New Car Dealers

Smart car buyers have been using the “online bidding war technique” for over a decade. Using the internet will get you a lower new car price vs. walking into a dealership playing “hardball” with a professional salesman. Not only will it get you a lower price, but it will also save you many hours of aggravation.

Car dealers across the United States sell thousands of cars at deeply discounted prices daily to savvy online car shoppers.

They’re able to do this because there is no shortage of uneducated customers walking into dealerships, overpaying for new cars. That’s okay because if it weren’t for those inexperienced buyers, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of high-volume internet discounts.

Simple math: More dealers competing = More money you’ll save!

This process aims to acquire as many new car quotes as possible to get the most car dealers to participate in your bidding war. The more dealers you have competing with each other, the better chance you will receive an even lower price for your new car.

Start by visiting each one of the trusted online companies provided below. I advise getting quotes from at least 6 – 8 different dealerships to get a good idea of the current market for the car you want.

Start a New Car Price Bidding War

Make Dealers Compete Online

It only takes a few seconds to complete the required information to request a quote from several dealers at once.

Online car-buying sites receive thousands of free quote requests a day. Ensure you fill out your information correctly and provide your complete email address.

Increase competition among dealers – To initiate a successful bidding war; I recommend obtaining price quotes from at least six to eight local dealerships. However, keeping the number under ten is advisable to simplify the process. Include additional dealers by utilizing the free services provided below.

Obtain additional new car price quotes from the reputable websites listed below. A separate window will open so you can toggle between the companies for your convenience:

  1. Edmunds – Search for the specific vehicle you’re interested in and request your complimentary price quotes.
  2. MotorTrend – Choose the make and model, explore all the available dealers, and provide your information to receive price quotes.
  3. CarsDirect – Enter the make, model, and zip code, then click “GO” to proceed. Follow the subsequent steps as instructed.

*Your goal is to gather six to eight new car price quotes (the more, the merrier).

Once You Receive Your Quotes

As you receive your quotes, keep them organized. You will receive some immediately, and then some may trickle in for up to 72 hours or more, depending on how busy the dealership is. Other factors that may affect your quotes would be the time and day of the week you requested them.

The quotes you receive will have the price, vehicle information, and the contact person at the car dealership. This allows you to bypass all the front-line salespeople at the dealership.

Quotes may vary between dealerships; some may have several vehicles listed, different finance offers, or unique gimmicks to get you to come in and buy. At this time, you’re focused on getting the best price. Weed through the quotes and select the ones that provide you with the best deal for your situation.

At this point, you can do one of two things, contact the dealer that provided you with the lowest price quote and set up a time to test drive and buy the car. Or, for the best deal, play dealers off each other by negotiating with dealerships by email. You may get an even more significant discount just by taking the time to ask for one.

Additional tips:

  • Get a minimum of 7 new car price quotes.
  • The more quotes, the better. Expand your mileage search radius further away if needed.
  • Dealers may take anywhere from 24-72 hours to respond, depending on when you send your request.
  • The quotes you receive should give you a good idea of what vehicle you want in your local area.
  • There is no need to worry about your private information. The companies I recommend post their privacy policies, use industry-standard encryption, and will not sell your personal information or never send unsolicited emails.
  • Hard to find, high-demand, limited edition or popular vehicles may have very few discounts or may not be discounted. If that’s the case, you may want to choose a different car or wait a few months until the “NEW” wears off of that particular model.
  • As a vehicle’s model year enters a change cycle or the car starts to lose popularity with the public, dealers will become more flexible on pricing to get the cars sold and off the lot.
  • As your online quotes start rolling in, compare them against your fair profit new car offer to see if you’re getting a good deal or need to negotiate more. I’ve had readers tell me they’ve received quotes well under their calculated fair profit offer.
Compare free new car dealer price quotes online to level the playing field.

Common Questions About Free New Car Price Quotes

Many dealerships have found ways around being direct about providing you a free new car price quote.

Below are some of the most common replies or situations you may experience when requesting price quotes from a dealer and how to handle each situation.

1) One Quote is Much Lower Than the Others

This is a great question to ask yourself. You’ve been driving your current car for a while now. What are the things you like about it? What made you buy the vehicle in the first place? The way it handles, the safety features, the gas mileage, the way you look, etc.

Write them down and keep them for when shopping for your new car.

2) Why is the Dealer Contacting By Phone?

It rarely happens, although if, by chance, you’re contacted by someone from the dealership by phone, and you’re uncomfortable talking with them. Let it go to voicemail, and listen to the messages at your convenience. Take note of the caller’s professionalism and courtesy in the voice mail. This will be an indicator of how they may treat you in person.

To make them stop calling, answer the call and politely tell them you prefer to do business by email and will only entertain offers from dealers who respect your wishes and request they send you their offer by email.

3) What if There’s Only One Dealership in Town

This may sound like a funny question to ask yourself, but it does happen occasionally. It’s one of those OMG moments, and by the time you find out, it’s too late.

The Ford Excursion upset many people once they discovered they couldn’t fit it in their garage after already buying it. If you’re in the market for a large truck or SUV, take some measurements if you plan to park it inside.

The above principle applies to towing capacity. If you plan on pulling something, make sure you buy a vehicle rated to tow or haul, or you could destroy the car over time.

4) Why is the Dealer Asking a Bunch of Questions

You may be asked further questions through email before receiving a quote. Tell them the only thing you’re interested in at this time is the lowest price they will sell the car for, with any dealer fees included, also known as the drive-out price.

This does not happen very often. The dealer is attempting to get some information from you (engagement) before giving you a price. They believe if they can get a conversation going, they have a better chance of you coming into the dealership before giving you a price.

If a dealer contacts you for any reason, make sure you tell them you’re currently working with several dealerships and waiting for the one that respects you by providing the information you’ve requested. This puts additional pressure on them to discount the car much more to get your business.

5) What if I’m Presented With Other Offers?

Suppose the dealer tries to control the conversation by bringing up subjects like trading in a car, warranty, cash down, financing, or anything other than the price quote you’re requesting. Let him know you’re not interested in discussing anything other than the free quote you asked for.

Again, the only thing you want from them now is their drive-out price on the car you requested.

Car-Buying Tip – If a dealer contacts you for any reason, tell them you’re working with several dealerships in the area and waiting for the one that gives you the best price. This puts additional pressure on them to discount the car much more to get your business.

If you’re happy with the lowest price, you’ve been quoted. Your next step should be to arrange auto financing before contacting the dealership. Having a pre-approved car loan already in place will keep you from being taken advantage of and help to negotiate a better deal when dealing with a dealership’s finance department.

Additional Tips About the Best Online Car-Buying Sites

Below are a few additional tips about the best online car-buying sites and how they work:

  • Car dealers know that online customers are comparison shopping for the “lowest price.”
  • Dealers can offer special new car discount pricing to their online customers that are not always available to walk-in customers.
  • When a dealer receives more than one contact from you through several different companies, they know you’re a serious buyer and will be more aggressive when providing you with a price.
  • The online car-buying sites suggested on this website are well-established, thoroughly vetted, and have been in operation for more than ten years.
  • New car price services have thousands of dealer members in their network. Requesting a quote through one of these companies forces the dealers within to competitively bid against each other to bring you the lowest possible price.
  • Some of these automotive services may have the same network of dealer members. The same Ford dealer may be in the Edmund’s and Ryde Shopper networks. Often this works to your advantage and will provide you with an even higher discounted price.

Best Online Car-Buying Sites FAQs

The best strategy to get the best new car price is to request free price quotes on the exact vehicle from several dealerships in your local area. You can then use the quotations you receive to negotiate a better price between dealerships.

A new car price quote is a document that is typically sent without charge during a sales transaction and describes the goods or services at the proposed price. Consequently, requesting a free new car price quote means asking the dealer to send one that includes the price for which they are willing to sell a vehicle.

Yes – Not only is it feasible, but it might also be the best way to buy a new car.

The worst part about car shopping online is that you cannot physically touch, smell or test drive the vehicle. You should always visually inspect and test drive the exact vehicle before signing on the dotted line.

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