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In the past, the only way to get car dealers to compete is by driving to several different dealerships, finding a new car, and then wasting hours haggling over price. Now you can use certain online services to get car dealers competing against each other for your business by starting a new car price bidding war. This proven technique has been used by smart car shoppers for over a decade and is guaranteed to save you time, money, and a whole lot of frustration. I've taken the time to research and list the best online car buying sites below for you.

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Car Selling Hasn't Changed,
Car Buying Has™

New car price-quoting online services have vast networks of dealerships across the nation. These services force dealerships to bid against each other to offer you the best price when you request a quote on the desired vehicle.

Savvy new car shoppers have been using these online car buying websites for well over a decade to obtain FREE new car price quotes. The following section will provide you with the information you need to get local new car dealerships to compete in a bidding war. This guarantees you get the lowest price on your next new car, truck, minivan, or SUV.

Benefits of Having New Car Dealers Compete Online

The main benefit is that it can be accomplished from your smart phone, tablet or iPad. The entire process can be completed in just a few minutes and will save you time, money and the back and forth haggling over the price of the car. You don't have to worry about going to a dealership and hassling with their new car buying process. You can have car dealers compete online without ever having to deal with a salesperson.

Car dealers are fully aware that their online customers are shopping for the "lowest price." By using online car buying sites such as CarClearanceDeals, MotorTrend, Edmunds and CarsDirect. Dealers can offer special new car discount pricing to their consumers.

When Car Dealers Compete for Your Business, YOU WIN!

Dealers know if they're not aggressive discounting the vehicle's price, the buyer will not contact them and move on to the next dealership with the lower price. Their goal is to send you a low enough price to get you to contact them and not their competition. When a dealer receives more than one contact from you through several different companies, they know you're a serious buyer and will be more aggressive when offering a better price.

There is no need to worry about your personal information. Your information is kept private, safe and secure. The companies I recommend are well established and have been in business for more than ten years. For more detailed information on how these online services make money and provide you free quotes, visit my section on how new car price quote services work.

I've listed the most popular, well established free quote services for you here. These services have provided my readers with the largest discounts and the most reliable offers for many years.

These online companies have thousands of dealer members in their networks. Requesting a quote through these companies forces the dealers in their network to competitively bid against each other to bring you the lowest possible price.

Some of these automotive services may have the same dealer members in their networks. The same Ford dealer may be in the Edmund's network as well as the CarClearanceDeals network. Sometimes this works to your advantage and provide you with an even deeper discounted price.

When a dealer's Internet department receives your quote request from more than one company. They know you're comparison price shopping and collecting as many free price quotes as possible. This also tells them you're most likely a serious car buyer and will make the dealer even more aggressive when discounting the new car's price. Knowing you're contacting several other car dealers in the area, this drives up the competition between dealerships without you ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Start a Bidding War Between Car Dealerships Online

This is when it starts to get fun, smart car buyers have been using the "bidding war technique" for years. Time to start getting those low new car discount prices rolling in to your inbox.

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It's proven that using the internet instead of walking into a dealership playing "hard-ball" with a salesman will get you a lower price. Educated car buyers have been using this technique for over a decade to receive high volume Internet discounts when buying a new car.

Car dealers across the Nation sell hundreds of cars at deep discounted prices everyday to smart Internet savvy car buyers. They're able to do this because there is no shortage of uneducated customers still walking into dealerships paying too much for a car. That's okay, because if it wasn't for those uneducated buyers, you wouldn't be able to take advantage of high volume Internet discounts.

Simple Math: The more dealers you have compete = The more money you'll save!

The whole idea behind this process is to go through as many companies as you can to get the most car dealers to compete in your discount bidding war. The more dealers you have competing in your bidding war; the more you increase your chances to receive an even lower price for your new car.

Start by visiting each one of the companies provided below. My advice is to get quotes from at least seven different dealerships so you can get a good idea of what the current market is on the car you want to buy. I've provided a link to each of the companies secure website below. A separate window will open so you can toggle between the companies for your convenience.

It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the information required to request a quote from each of these companies. There is no need to worry about your private information. The companies I recommend have their own privacy policies posted, and use industry standard encryption and will not sell your personal information, or ever send you unsolicited emails.

Automotive new car price quoting services receive hundreds, if not thousands of free quote requests a day. When requesting a quote, fill in your information and set your contact preference as email. If there's only a section for comments, add you would prefer to be contacted by email only. Include your complete email address (example = to ensure you receive the quotes.

Start a Low Price Bidding War Between:
CarClearanceDeals | MotorTrend | Edmunds | CarsDirect

Congratulations! Once you've requested quotes from each company above you can sit back and let the bidding war commence as the new car price quotes start to roll in.

Keep in mind some hard to find, high demand, or popular vehicles may have very little discounts associated with them or may not be discounted at all. If that's the case, you may want to choose a different car or wait a few months until the "NEW" wears off of that particular model. As the vehicle's model year enters a change cycle or the car starts to lose its popularity, dealers will become more flexible on their pricing so they can get the cars off their lots.

As your online quotes start to roll in, compare them against your fair profit new car offer to see if you're really getting a good discount or if you need to do a little more negotiating. I've had readers tell me they've received quotes well under their calculated fair profit offer.

After Receiving Your Free New Car Price Quotes

As you receive your quotes, keep them organized. You will receive some immediately and then some may trickle in for up to 72 hours or more depending on how busy the dealership is. Other factors that may affect your quotes would be the time of day, and day of the week you requested them on.

The quotes you receive will have the price, vehicle's information, and the contact person at the car dealership. This allows you to bypass all the front line salespeople at the dealership.

Use this handy Car Payment Calculator to estimate the payment on any vehicle.

Quotes vary between dealerships, some may have several vehicles listed, different finance offers or special gimmicks to get you to come in and buy. At this time you're just focused on getting the best price. Weed through them pick the ones you're most comfortable with.

At this point you can do one of two things. Contact the dealer that provided you with the lowest price quote, or for the best deal, play dealers off each other by negotiating a better price by contacting them via email. Read more on negotiating with dealers by email here.

Make Sure The Price Quote is on the Right Vehicle

If you notice a quote much lower than the others, it may not be on the exact vehicle you inquired about. The vehicle may be missing a package, certain options or may be a different trim level. Review the price quotes and vehicle information thoroughly.

Make sure the price quote sent to you is on
the exact vehicle you requested. (options, trim, etc.)

If a dealer doesn't have the exact car you're looking for in stock, they may send you a quote on a vehicle that closely matches. There may be only a slight difference, but it will not be an exact match to what you want. If a dealer starts out your relationship with this type of service. There's no telling what they may attempt once you're in the dealership. My advice is to use caution if you decide to do business with them.

If the Dealer Contacts You By Phone

It rarely happens, although if by chance you're called by someone from the dealership and are not comfortable talking with them on the phone. Let it go to voicemail and listen to the messages at your convenience. Take note of the callers professionalism and courtesy on the message.

To make them stop calling, answer the call and politely tell them you prefer to do business by email and will only entertain offers from dealers who respect your wishes and send you their offer by email.

If You're Contacted By Email for Further Information

You may be asked further questions through email before receiving a quote, again this also rarely happens. Tell them the only thing you're interested in at this time is the lowest price they will sell the car for with any dealer fees included, also known as, the drive-out price.

If your contacted by a dealer for any reason, make sure you tell them you're working with several dealerships and waiting for the one that gives you the best price. This puts additional pressure on them to discount the car that much more to get your business.

There's Only One Dealership in Town

If you only have one dealership in your city that carries the vehicle you're looking for. Email the next closest dealer to your location first and see if they can beat their price. Now contact your local car dealership and give them an opportunity to beat that price. Keep going back and forth until the dealers stop responding or won't discount the vehicle any further. This is a very good technique to save a large amount of money off the sticker price of a vehicle without ever stepping foot inside a car dealership.

If You're Presented With Other Offers

If by chance at any time, the subject of trade-in, warranty, or financing comes up, let them know that you do not want to trade a car and you're not interested in discussing a warranty, financing options, or how you plan to pay for the car until you receive a quote. Again, the only thing you want from them at this time is their drive-out price on the car you have requested.

Car Buying Tip - If your contacted by a dealer for any reason, make sure you let them know you're working with several dealerships and waiting for the one that gives you the best price. This puts additional pressure on them to discount the car that much more to get your business.

If you're happy with the lowest price you've been quoted. Your next step should be to arrange financing before contacting the dealership. Having a pre-approved car loan already in place will keep you from being taken advantage of and help level the playing field to negotiate a better deal while in the finance department. Visit my complete auto financing guide to read more.

You can take your new car price quote to the next level by visiting my section on how to negotiate with car dealerships by email to learn how to use your free price quotes to get even a better discounted price on your next new car, truck, minivan, or SUV.

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Best Online Car Buying Sites for Car Shopping

CarClearanceDeals and Edmunds are the quickest way to compare new car prices in your local area. These online sites will provide you with free, no-obligation price quotes and the discounts you receive will give you confidence on your next new car purchase. Walk away from the dealership knowing you received a good deal, not hoping you did.

Car Clearance Deals new car price quotes

Did You Know?

Several factors affect a dealer's new car cost. Some of these include:

  • Dealer Holdback
  • Factory to Dealer Incentives
  • Customer Rebates
  • Special Programs
  • Cash Back

All of these should be taken into consideration when figuring a dealer's true new car cost to make sure you pay the cheapest price possible for your next new car.

Learn how to figure new car cost >>

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