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Financing a car?

Financing a car?

Financing a car?

Do not solely rely on a dealership to arrange your auto finance loan.

A good auto loan can save you thousands of dollars.  Save money on auto financing by knowing your credit score and leveraging competing loan offers online against the dealership. Keep the term as short as possible, put money down, and—of course—don’t buy more car than you can comfortably afford.

Get Pre-approved First

Safe and secure, know your interest rate before buying a car.

Online quotes

Get a pre-approved low interest car loan in place before visiting a car dealership to level the playing field when negotiating interest rates with a dealer’s finance department.

How to find low interest car loans online

Bad credit

All because you have bad credit doesn’t make you a bad person.  My bad credit auto loan guide will help you navigate the car loan process with ease.

Bad credit car loan guide

Lower payments

The quickest and easiest way to save money on your high interest car loan is to apply for an auto refinance loan online.  Learn this free and simple process.

Refinance your car and save money

Refinance myths

Millions of car buyers today are part of the refinance-worthy club, thanks to a major decline in interest rates.  Lets dispel myths about auto loan refinancing that may be harmful to your financial health.

Auto refinance myths explained

Credit scores

Do not allow the person approving your car loan know more about your credit history than you do.  Reviewing your credit reports on a consistent basis will catch problems early.

All about credit reports and your credit score

Read it

A good credit rating can impact what you pay for a car and your finances in more ways than one, so it’s vital that you know what’s been reported and how to read your consumer credit report.

How to read a credit report

Get established

Good credit depends on good information. Use these techniques to help yourself build a solid credit history so you can finance a car or anything else you would like to buy in the future.

How to build a good credit score from scratch

Low Online Rates

Compare and save with up to 4 pre-approved low interest auto loan offers in minutes.