AutoCreditExpress Review 2024

Can They Help You Get a Car Loan?

My Auto Credit Express review will help you determine if they’re right for you.

My 2024 Auto Credit Express review looks into the online company. It is an extensive national network of lenders and car dealers who approve those with less-than-perfect credit.

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My AutoCreditExpress review will help you get a pre-approved car loan before shopping for a car.

AutoCreditExpress claims you can apply for a car loan simply, quickly, and for free. Don’t just get a car; start rebuilding your credit. Let’s dive deeper into how their online car loan platform works and if they provide good deals.

About Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express connects people with bad credit with automobile dealers and lenders that might be able to help them get an auto loan.

Auto Credit Express is an auto loan broker with a 20+ year history headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The firm acts as a broker, not a lender, matching consumers with dealers or lenders according to the loans they are qualified for.

Their online auto loan platform is best for consumers who need assistance finding a bad-credit vehicle loan since they can’t obtain one from a typical lender.

Auto Credit Express Pros and Cons

What I like about Auto Credit Express (Pros)

  • Low down payment requirements might apply
  • Special military programs
  • Willing to deal with those who have less-than-perfect credit
  • Minimal qualification requirements
  • A great alternative to financing with a Buy Here Pay Here dealership
  • Partners with lending institutions that accept co-signers and co-borrowers
  • Provides car buyers with access to lenders with flexible qualification requirements

What I dislike about Auto Credit Express (Cons)

  • Depending on the lender, loan rates and terms change
  • Some network lenders may require a hard credit inquiry
  • Working with a dealer from the Auto Credit Express dealership network is required
  • Mixed online customer reviews
  • There’s a chance your interest rate will be high.

Auto Credit Express Loan Requirements

You’re not out of luck if your credit is bad or you’ve previously been denied a loan.

Subprime loans, provided by Auto Credit Express, are available for customers without solid financial backgrounds.

These loans typically have high-interest rates, but depending on your circumstances, they might be your only choice.

It is advised that drivers: if they want to be approved for a subprime loan.

  • Six months of employment.
  • Minimum income of $1,500 to $2,000 gross monthly income
  • Have three years of job history

Customers with poor credit or no credit can secure loans thanks to Auto Credit Express because it collaborates with various dealers and lenders.

Additionally, the business provides military personnel with special rates and discounts.

Auto Credit Express Auto Loan Details

Auto Credit Express offers auto loans for leasing or purchasing cars and refinancing car loans.

As I already mentioned, the business acts as a broker, matching customers with lenders and auto dealers rather than providing contracts.

Depending on the business that provides your loan, contract details like interest rates will change.

When approved, your interest rate typically depends on several variables, such as:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Credit score and history
  • Annual income
  • Loan term

Auto Credit Express also provides some other beneficial resources for those looking to purchase or refinance a vehicle. These tools consist of:

  • Payment estimator: Enter the car’s price, the loan term, the down payment, and the APR to see the estimated loan amount and monthly payment.
  • Car loan estimator: Enter your estimated credit score, monthly income, and monthly recurring debt into the car loan estimator to find out how much you might be eligible for.

Additional sources: To provide debt consolidation, insurance, used car warranties, and other services, Auto Credit Express collaborates with partners.

Finance Products Offered by Auto Credit Express

There are several different auto loan products available from Auto Credit Express.

Here is a rundown:

  • New or used car purchase loans: Obtain financing to buy a vehicle through the network of lenders and dealers (new or used).
  • Bad credit auto loans: Connect with local lenders and car dealerships that specialize in lending to people with bad credit.
  • Leasing: Whether you have good or bad credit, get in touch with dealers to begin an auto lease.
  • Refinancing: To pay off your current auto loan and save money, take out a new loan with better terms. They provide both cash-out-refinancing and conventional (where you use a portion of the loan for personal expenses).
  • Bankruptcy loans: A few partners focus on lending money to people who have filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The Auto Credit Express Application Process

Prospective customers can call or fill out an online application to start the Auto Credit Express loan process.

Customers must include the following information on their application:

  • Proof of income
  • Phone bill
  • Utility bill (with name and address)
  • Six to eight personal references with contact details

The application procedure is comparatively simple and takes only a few minutes to finish. After submitting your application, you will almost immediately learn if you have been accepted.

What Happens After You Apply

Depending on the type of loan you want, lenders and dealers in your area will contact you after you provide Auto Credit Express with your information.

Your credit report is not hard-checked by Auto Credit Express. To make you a specific offer, the partners it contacts on your behalf might conduct a hard check.

Therefore, if you apply through Auto Credit Express, be ready for one or more hard credit checks to be run on your file.

The good news is that when multiple credit checks occur within 30 days of one another, they are combined on your report. As a result, while applying may lower your score, it will only total one hard inquiry.

Request a quick and easy, bad credit
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My AutoCreditExpress review will help you get a pre-approved car loan before shopping for a car.

Why Do I Like Auto Credit Express

They make getting a car loan easy when you have perfect credit. What if there have been bumps in the road?

As we know, reasonable people can struggle with their finances occasionally. Not being able to qualify for a vehicle loan can compound the problem by limiting your ability to earn a living.

Auto Credit Express specializes in helping people with less than perfect a credit history to get auto loans for reliable cars that can help them rebuild their credit scores.

  • Free quotes for new and used cars: There is no risk or obligation. Fill out the online form and get an answer quickly. Don’t let past credit problems stop you from moving ahead.
  • Work with lenders specializing in troublesome credit: Don’t be afraid of being judged for past mistakes. Our network specializes in connecting lenders with borrowers with problematic credit.
  • Estimate ahead of time what you can afford: Their car loan estimator gives you a heads up on what you may be able to afford ahead of time. Stay within your budget and get approved today.

What Gives Auto Credit Express the Edge?

Get approved at great rates with excellent or bad credit and for new or used cars.

Auto Credit Express is the perfect loan solution for anyone. It is an exceptional choice for those with poor or less-than-ideal credit. Auto Credit Express works with partners who specialize in saying “Yes!”. That means when you apply to buy a car through ACE, you will likely be able to get a quality car. Perhaps best of all, the online process is free and easy.

  • They don’t judge: Their network of dealers and lenders wants to help you get a car. They’ve likely seen past credit issues worse than yours. Just reach out to get results.
  • They have excellent ratings and reviews: Auto Credit Express is an A+ Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau and has a 4.6-Star Rating (out of 5) from Trustpilot. Some reviews found in other areas of the web are mixed.
  • They also help rebuild credit with lots of resources: A Car Loan Estimator, Payment Calculator, Resource Center, Blogs, and Videos are just a few tools that can help you stay on track to better credit.

Features to Help You Get the Car You Want

Auto Credit Express is a no-judgment zone when it comes to getting credit for the car you want. The dealers in their network want you to get what you want, the vehicle you deserve, at an affordable price. The process is free and easy, and you maintain your dignity.

If you’ve been told no before, don’t let that stop you. Apply online today. There’s no obligation and nothing to lose.

  • Quick online decisions: There is no reason for you to feel uncomfortable speaking with a dealer or finance representative. Decisions are made promptly, and you maintain control throughout the process.
  • Use your car loan approval to rebuild your credit: This may be the perfect opportunity to get a car and rebuild your credit. Use our tools, videos, and blogs to learn more.
  • Lease or buy: With Auto Credit Express, you have choices. Apply for a loan or a lease and choose from new or used cars. You have options every step of the way.

Auto Credit Express Benefits

A few of the most prominent benefits of using Auto Credit Express to get an online auto loan are:

  • More people will qualify for loans: This is a superior option for individuals with less-than-perfect credit. Those who have had problems in the past can find success.
  • Build your credit: Auto Credit Express is the perfect starting point to rebuild your credit. If you’ve struggled in the past, here is your shot to start again.
  • Lease or buy: You are in control with Auto Credit Express. Buy your next car or decide to lease.

What Could Make Auto Credit Express Better?

Everybody should be able to get a car loan to get a vehicle they want or need. This can be a challenge for those who have previously experienced financial issues. Whether you’ve been negatively impacted by divorce, unexpected medical bills, job loss, or even bankruptcy, Auto Credit Express can usually help with limitations.

  • You’ll probably pay higher interest rates: Poor credit can mean riskier loans, which can result in slightly higher interest rates. Auto Credit Express is competitive, but if you have poor credit, you may pay a higher rate.
  • Affordable options may be somewhat restricted: If you have troubled credit, you may not have all the possibilities of someone with perfect credit.
  • Be prepared to tell your story: You’ll have to provide personal details to qualify for a loan, but at least it will be online and not in person.

My Endorsement

Auto Credit Express is a much-needed resource in the auto buying industry. Consumers with perfect credit or those with no or poor credit may use the service. It is relatively easy to use, it is free, and applicants have no obligation to accept an offer. Online resources can be handy for those rebuilding their credit. It is certainly worth giving a try.

  • Benefits: Solid online options for online auto loans, good or bad credit, buy or lease options, new or used.
  • Advantages: Free, easy to use, specializes in poor and spotty credit.
  • Features: Online resources like blogs, videos, and credit rebuilding strategies, lots of buying or leasing options.
  • LimitationsThose with abysmal credit will likely pay more, and options and budgets may be limited; complete personal and credit disclosure is required.

Auto Credit Express FAQs

Yes – People with credit issues can get options for auto financing from Auto Credit Express, a reputable loan matching business that collaborates with trustworthy lenders and dealers. Many borrowers work with the company to repair their credit or locate dependable new or used cars that fit within their spending limits.

Your credit score won’t be impacted by filling out an Auto Credit Express application, but as with all hard-credit pulls, it might take a slight hit if we send your pre-qualification information to a dealer.

Auto Credit Express does not promote a minimum score and focuses on helping people with bad credit. That implies that almost everyone can find a lender or dealer to work within their network. However, very low credit score borrowers might encounter loans with high fees.

You can find loans with Auto Credit Express that require little or no down payments. Everything depends on the lender and dealer who are matched with you. However, you can find better rates and cheaper loans in the long run if you can put a sizeable amount of cash down.

Auto Credit Express Company Details

Company Name: Auto Credit Express
Year Founded: 1999
Location: Auburn Hills, MI, U.S.

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