Auto extended warranty buyer's guide.

Is it covered?

Is it covered?

Is it covered?

Is an extended auto warranty worth the money?

An extended warranty will save you some money if your car ends up needing certain repairs that are covered under the coverage. But many people who buy extended warranties never end up using them during the plan’s timeframe. To decide if a warranty is right for you, compare the cost of the warranty against the likelihood you’ll need to use it, your driving habits and your ability to pay for repairs without a warranty.

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Extended warranty buyer’s guide

How to research, select, and buy an extended auto warranty for a new or used car and how to recognize and avoid extended warranty scams.

Extended auto warranty buyer’s guide

Online quotes

Leverage the playing field with dealerships by requesting competing quotes directly from leading auto warranty providers.  Use your free warranty quotes to negotiate better warranty prices with a dealer.

How to get free extended auto warranty quotes online

The selection process

There are several options when it comes to extended auto warranty coverage. The number one issue is people overbuying coverage for their vehicle. Here’s how to select the extended warranty that is best for you.

Choose the right extended car warranty

Ask yourself questions

Extended auto warranties can be great if you ever find yourself in need of coverage, but some plans can be expensive.  Ask yourself a few questions to help determine if you should buy one.

Questions to ask before buying an extended warranty

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