Complete Car Warranty Review 2024

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My Complete Car Warranty review will help you decide if buying an extended auto warranty is right for you.

Complete Car Warranty claims to provide auto warranty coverage for up to 60% off dealership prices. My in-depth review takes a deeper look.

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My Complete Car Warranty Review will help you save money.

This is a valuable asset when negotiating warranty prices with a dealership and a helpful safety net against expensive car repair costs. But can you save your money when you go direct?

About Complete Car Warranty

Complete Car Warranty provides car coverage solutions that will assist you in saving money on auto repairs.

It collaborates with three distinct administrators, offering a range of plan choices, coverages, and benefits. Complete Car Warranty has few restrictions on repair facilities and provides an unlimited number of repair claims. They also include roadside assistance and towing in all of their plans.

Pros and Cons

What I like about Complete Car Warranty (Pros)

  • Instant online quotes
  • Select your repair center
  • Customizable coverage
  • Available in 50 states

What I don’t like about Complete Car Warranty (Cons)

  • It May require a deductible
  • Third-party vendor

Coverage Offered

Complete Car Care Superior and Complete Car Care Supreme are the two plans available from the company.

Both plans include the engine, electrical, steering and suspension, manual and automatic transmissions, cooling system, air conditioning, rear axle assembly, seals and gaskets, brakes, turbo, sensors, fuel system, and all-wheel-drive.

These items are covered on an “increased” level in the Supreme plan.

Additional benefits are rental reimbursement, 24-hour roadside assistance, and trip interruption.

The Complete Car Care Superior plan includes coverage for the following items:

The Complete Car Care Superior plan offers coverage for:

  • 4×4 / all-wheel-drive
  • ABS and brake system
  • A/C fluids and Freon
  • Air conditioning system
  • Automatic transmission
  • Cooling system
  • electrical systems
  • engine
  • electrical systems
  • fuel system
  • Manual transmission
  • rear axle assembly
  • seals and gaskets
  • sensors
  • steering and suspension
  • turbo supercharger

The Complete Car Care Supreme plan provides coverage for everything within the Supreme plan and also offers additional or enhanced protection for:

  • Air conditioner
  • brake system
  • car’s exterior
  • electrical systems
  • engine
  • fuel system
  • heating and cooling
  • sensors
  • suspension
  • transmission

Protection Against Expensive Car Repair Costs

If you are buying a new or used car or have a vehicle that’s out of warranty, your financial health can be severely impacted by an unexpected car repair.

Car repairs can easily reach hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Complete Car Warranty provides a layer of financial protection and peace of mind.

  • Get complete protection for up to 60% off dealer prices: This critical coverage can be significant when a transmission or engine replacement costs thousands of dollars. A water pump today can cost upwards of $1000.
  • Unlimited repair claims: This is exceptionally valuable when it seems like one repair leads to another. Complete Car Warranty can help stop that financial avalanche.
  • All dealers and mechanics accept them: Use anywhere, anytime repairs are needed. There’s no need to change mechanics or repair shops.

What Gives Complete Car Warranty an Edge?

It can be scary times when your auto warranty expires or if you are driving without car warranty protection. One major repair can send you spiraling down a financial setback that can be hard to recover.

Here are some reasons you should choose Complete Car Warranty.

  • Instant quotes. You can easily find out the cost of coverage by filling out an online form. Answer a few simple questions, and you’ll have your quotation for coverage before you know it.
  • You choose your mechanic. Since Every dealer and mechanic accepts complete Car Warranty coverage, you decide where to get your car repaired.
  • The number of repair claims is not restricted. Sometimes one car repair can lead to another. That’s not an issue with coverage from Complete Car warranty.

Keep Yourself From Being Buried in Car Repair Bills

When your car’s warranty expires, you’re left dangling on a tightrope and up a creek without a paddle, especially if your vehicle requires extensive repairs.

Complete Car Warranty offers key protective features that can minimize financial damage to your wallet.

  • Get custom pricing: Coverage and pricing reflect your vehicle and your needs. This is not one-size-fits-all coverage. Your quote is for you and your vehicle.
  • Quotes are instant: No filling out lengthy forms, no waiting for days for a response. Complete Car warranty wants you to get coverage when you need it, so quotes are provided instantly.
  • You select where you want your car repaired: You don’t have to choose from a restricted list of high-priced mechanics. Select the dealer or repair shop you want. They all accept Complete Car Warranty.

Complete Car Warranty Benefits

A few of the most prominent benefits of using Complete Car Warranty to get a free warranty quote are:

  • Dealer warranty replacement coverage:  Complete Car Warranty provides valuable coverage for those who have lost or are about to lose your dealer warranty protection.
  • Use at any repair shop:  Available for use at any mechanic, repair shop, or dealer. Keep your mechanic if you choose!
  • Use time and time again:  You are not limited to the number of claims you can make with Complete Car Warranty. Stop the avalanche of repair bills.

Get a no-obligation, fast & simple
FREE Auto Warranty Quote

My Complete Car Warranty Review will help you save money.

Of Course There’s Always Fine Print

Most guarantees, agreements, warranties, and service contracts have their fine print, and Complete Car Warranty is not without theirs. Here are three factors you should be aware of.

  • Coverage will not cover total expenses: Unlike your dealer warranty, Complete Car Warranty (like most other extended warranties) will cover a percentage of car repair bills, up to 60%, with full coverage. This is still very valuable when facing major engine or transmission repair costs.
  • You may have to pay a deductible: Complete Car Warranty works a bit more like insurance than a new car warranty in that, depending on coverage, you will likely have to pay a deductible before coverage kicks in.
  • Details regarding coverage are limited on their website: While you’ll get coverage details and the “fine print,” they are not immediately apparent on the main page of their website.

My Endorsement

Face it, your car is not getting any younger, nor will it ever become less expensive to repair. That is unless you use Complete Car Warranty.

This coverage can minimize budget-breaking car repair bills for those driving without a car without a dealer warranty. It may not eliminate all expenses, but it is the next best thing to a new car warranty.

  • Benefits: Stops an avalanche of car repair bills and replaces expiring dealer warranty coverage.
  • Advantages: Instant quotes, you choose your mechanic, unlimited number of claims.
  • Features: Get customized quotes instantly, accepted at all mechanics, repair shops, and dealers.
  • Limitations: There are deductibles, and details are limited on the main webpage.

Complete Car Warranty FAQs

Complete Car Warranty was founded in 2019 to provide drivers around the country with cheap comprehensive car servicing plans. Since then, they’ve assisted thousands of drivers in saving millions of dollars on unexpected vehicle repairs that they would have had to pay for out of pocket otherwise.

Complete Car Warranty provides car coverage products that will assist you in saving money on auto repairs. It works with three distinct administrators, offering a wide range of plan options, coverages, and benefits. Complete Car Warranty provides unlimited repair claims and has just a few limits on repair facilities.

The short answer is that you do not have to. Contact your plan administrator’s claims department once an ASE-Certified shop has repaired your car. Any covered claims are subsequently paid to the repair facility by your contract administrator. Your deductible and any expenditures not covered by your coverage are your responsibility.

Complete Car Warranty Company Details

Company Name: Complete Car Warranty
Year Founded: 2003
Location: Syosset, NY, U.S.

Complete Car Warranty Alternatives

Compare your warranty quote with other warranty companies from the comfort of your computer.  Competition will always net you the best price.

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