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Complete Car Warranty Review

Complete Car Warranty Review

Complete Car Warranty Review

Complete Car Warranty

Get a no obligation, fast & easy FREE Auto Warranty Quote

Get a free auto warranty quote online from Complete Car Warranty.

Complete Car Warranty provides auto warranty coverage for up to 60% off dealership prices. This is a valuable asset when negotiating warranty prices with a dealership and safety net against expensive car repair costs.

Protection against expensive car repair costs

If you are buying a new or used car or have a car that’s out of warranty, your financial health can be severely impacted by an unexpected car repair. Car repairs can easily reach into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Complete Car Warranty provides a layer of financial protection and peace of mind.

  • Get full protection for up to 60% off dealer prices. This important coverage can be significant when a transmission or engine replacement runs into the thousands of dollars. A water pump today can cost upwards of $1000.
  • Unlimited repair claims. This is exceptionally valuable when it seems like one repair leads to another. Complete Car Warranty can help stop that financial avalanche.
  • Accepted at all dealers and mechanics. Use anywhere, anytime repairs are needed. There’s no need to change mechanics or repair shops.

Instant car warranty quotes

Get a free auto warranty quote online from Complete Car Warranty.

What gives this warranty company an edge over others

It can be scary times when your auto warranty expires or if you are driving without car warranty protection. One major repair can send you spiraling down a financial setback that can be hard to recover from. Here are some reasons you should choose Complete Car Warranty.

  • Instant quotes. You can easily find out the cost of coverage by filling out an online form. Answer a few simple questions and you’ll have your quote for coverage before you know it.
  • You choose your mechanic. Since Complete Car Warranty coverage is accepted by every dealer and mechanic, you choose where to get your car repaired.
  • The amount of repair claims is not restricted. Sometimes one car repair can lead to another. That’s not an issue with coverage from Complete Car warranty.

Accepted everywhere!

Get a free auto warranty quote online from Complete Car Warranty.

Keep yourself from being buried in car repair bills

When your car is out of warranty, you are left hanging on a tightrope and up the creek without a paddle at the same time. Especially when your car needs a major repair. Complete Car Warranty offers key protective features that can minimize the financial damage to your wallet.

  • Get custom pricing. Coverage and pricing reflects your vehicle and your needs. This is not one-size fits all coverage. Your quote is for you and your vehicle.
  • Quotes are instant. No filling out lengthy forms, no waiting for days for a response. Complete Car warranty wants you to get coverage when you need it, so quotes are provided instantly.
  • You select where you want your car repaired. You don’t have to select from a restricted list of high-priced mechanics. Select the dealer or repair shop you want. They all accept Complete Car Warranty.

Customized quotes

Get a free auto warranty quote online from Complete Car Warranty.

Of course there’s fine print

Most guarantees, agreements, warranties and service contracts have their fine print and Complete Car Warranty is not without theirs. Here are three factors you should be aware of.

  • Coverage will not cover full expenses. Unlike your dealer warranty, Complete Car Warranty will cover a percentage of car repair bills, up to 60% with full coverage. This is still very valuable when facing major engine or transmission repair costs.
  • You may have to pay a deductible. Complete Car Warranty works a bit more like insurance than a new car warranty in that, depending on coverage, you will likely have to pay a deductible before coverage kicks in.
  • Details regarding coverage are limited on their website. While you’ll get coverage details and the “fine print”, they are not immediately clear on the main page of their website.
  • Request a warranty quote from Complete Car Warranty >>

Request a warranty quote

Get a free auto warranty quote online from Complete Car Warranty.


  • Dealer warranty replacement coverage:  Complete Car Warranty provides valuable coverage for those who have lost or are about to lose your dealer warranty protection.
  • Use at any repair shop:  Available for use at any mechanic, repair shop or dealer. Keep your own mechanic if you choose!
  • Use time and time again:  You are not limited to the number of claims you can make with Complete Car Warranty. Stop the avalanche of repair bills.

See How It Works!

Get a free auto warranty quote online from Complete Car Warranty.


Face it, your car is not getting any younger, nor will it ever become less expensive to repair. That is unless you use Complete Car Warranty. This is coverage that can minimize budget-breaking car repair bills for those driving without a car without a dealer warranty. It may not eliminate all expenses but it is the next best thing to a new car warranty.

  • Benefits: Stops an avalanche of car repair bills, replaces expiring dealer warranty coverage.
  • Advantages: Instant quotes, you choose your mechanic, unlimited number of claims.
  • Features: Get customized quotes instantly, accepted at all mechanics, repair shops and dealers.
  • Limitations: There are deductibles and details are limited on main webpage.