Olive Auto Warranty Review 2024 – Is it Worth the Money?

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My olive auto warranty review will walk you through the pros and cons of their coverage.

Olive Auto Warranty claims you can get a quote in 60 seconds or less, purchase a package that meets your needs, and handle everything online without robocalls or human interaction. But is it worth your time and effort? My Olive Auto Warranty review looks deeper into their online warranty platform below.

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Get a free extended warranty quote from Olive Auto Warranty.

Olive Auto Warranty is the simplest way to protect your purchased vehicle from breakdowns. Olive believes if you can buy a car online, you should be able to get coverage for it online as well.

About Olive Auto Warranty

Olive.com is a brand-new warranty company with a digital focus, though Olive and its affiliates have been operating since 2000. In California, it started by providing mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) in 2020, and soon after, it expanded to provide extended auto warranties in all other states.

Olive stands out from the competition for several reasons. For instance, it makes use of a cancellation-friendly subscription-based billing model. One of the best websites we’ve come across is Olive’s. It is quick, simple to use, and transparent about its warranty plans and how to obtain them.

Olive is unique in that coverage begins when you purchase your plan online. There is no waiting period or screening for pre-existing conditions required by the company.

Pros and Cons

What I like about Olive (Pros)

  • No robocalls
  • 24/7 quotes and buy online
  • No waiting period
  • Affordable plans
  • Cancel monthly payments at any time
  • No vehicle inspection
  • Available in California
  • Next day coverage

What I don’t like about Olive (Cons)

  • The vehicle must be ten years old or newer
  • Preexisting conditions are not covered
  • General maintenance is not covered
  • Ride-sharing or commercial vehicles not covered

What I Like About Olive Auto Warranty

Olive doesn’t just protect your car; it helps guard your wallet.

Olive is the unique name of an extended car warranty service that helps protect vehicle owners from the high costs of mechanical breakdowns. You already likely have auto insurance to cover high repair costs when your car is in an accident. Olive covers your vehicle when it experiences a wide range of mechanical issues. Covered components include both labor and parts costs.

Driving a car that is out of warranty is a risky business. You are now liable for any mechanical repair on the vehicle just when it is getting old enough to start needing more repairs.

An unexpected major engine or transmission repair will not just ruin your day but could set you back months. They can be a significant threat to your financial well-being. If you are not prepared to hand over hundreds or even thousands of dollars to mechanically repair your car, an Olive car warranty may be for you. It is certainly worth a closer look.

  • Protection from a wide range of mechanical repairs: Sure, engines, and transmissions are big ticket items that are covered, but Olive also provides coverage for less expensive repairs. Did you know, for example, a water pump can cost up to $1000? If you don’t have a warranty or extended warranty, this will all come out of your pocket.
  • Protection is immediate: With Olive, there is no waiting period. Get coverage today, and your vehicle is protected for mechanical repairs tomorrow. Olive protection is quick and straightforward.
  • Choose your preferred repair shop: When a mechanical breakdown occurs, head to your preferred shop and then call Olive. Beyond your deductible and any uncovered expenses, Olive has you covered.

What Gives Olive Auto Warranty an Edge?

Driving a car without a warranty is like walking a tightrope without a net. It, quite frankly, can be a bit scary. You’ll begin noticing every sound and feel every vibration. Taking your car into the shop for a diagnosis can be nerve-wracking.

One of Olive’s main advantages is that. It promotes peace of mind. You’ll at least be partially protected from those costly repairs. Olive, however, has extra advantages.

  • Olive has touch-free quotes and policy management: With Olive, there are no high-pressure salespeople to deal with. Your Olive coverage is self-managed. Just click, choose your coverage and buy. Even making a claim is simple, call or click.
  • You choose your deductible: The beauty of Olive is that you choose a deductible that works for you. The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums. This makes Olive more accessible and provides greater flexibility than some other plans.
  • There is only one deductible per visit:  More covered repairs might be needed when your car is in for service. You only pay one deductible with Olive for each visit. Thanks to this, you will have a better chance to get all the repairs your car requires in a single visit.

Olive Auto Warranty Features

With Olive you won’t get swamped by car repair bills.

A car that is out of warranty can quickly swamp you under a wave of repair costs. It often seems like when one repair is needed, it is usually followed by another.

Olive provides some valuable protection from a tidal wave of mechanical repair costs. Here are just some of the thoughtful features of Olive.

  • Choose what you pay: Since Olive allows you to select your deductible, you have a more significant impact on how much your coverage will cost you. You can even see the effect your deductible will have before you buy!
  • There’s no pressure: With Olive, you are in control. From the first click to selecting your coverage to make payments, you are in control of the process. No salespeople are pressuring you to buy what you don’t want or need.
  • Coverage is easy and immediate: There are no lengthy, complicated forms to fill out. Olive has no 30, 60, or 90 waiting day periods; coverage is quick and hassle-free, and you select who repairs your car. Olive Auto Warranty gives you flexibility.

Olive Auto Warranty Benefits

A few of the most prominent benefits of using Olive Auto Warranty to get a free warranty quote are:

  • A Superior option to replace an expiring car warranty: Olive provides an excellent path for those losing their original car dealer warranty coverage.
  • Choice of repair shops: Olive is available at any mechanic, repair shop, or dealer. You keep your mechanic if you choose!
  • An easy-to-use process: Getting coverage is easy! With only a few clicks online, your car is covered—no extensive paperwork, waiting periods, or complicated procedures.

Get a no-obligation, fast & simple
FREE Auto Warranty Quote

Get a free extended warranty quote from Olive Auto Warranty.

Olive is Not Without Pits

Although there is fine print in many warranties, service contracts, agreements, and policies, Olive’s is still reasonably uncomplicated.

My Olive Auto Warranty review would not be complete if it didn’t include some things I’m not necessarily in love with.

  • Unlike an original car warranty, Olive has a deductible: This is not your original warranty where you drive in for a covered repair, and the dealer takes care of it under the new car warranty.
  • You will have a deductible to pay: This is true with most extended car warranties, however, and you can choose a low deductible. Routine or preventative maintenance is not covered. It would be nice if Olive covered everything, but it doesn’t. You’ll still need to pay for routine maintenance and minor repairs. For the bigger stuff, however, Olive provides peace of mind.
  • That name: Sorry, I know it’s petty, but “olive”? The best they could come up with is, “For olive, your major mechanical issues.”

My Olive Auto Warranty Endorsement

Your car will never be any younger than it is today. That means it will not be getting any less expensive to repair. Of course, unless Olive covers you.

If your car warranty is expiring or you are about to buy a new or used vehicle, you have an option. If you don’t have a car warranty, you can get it. We would suggest you do so. It may not be as extensive as a new car warranty, but it can provide some peace of mind.

  • Benefits: Prevents a tidal wave of car repair bills and replaces expiring dealer warranty coverage. Advantages: Hands-free sign-up and protection management, choose your mechanic, and instant coverage.
  • Features: Choose your deductible for use at all mechanical repair shops and dealers, saving on hefty repair bills.
  • Limitations: Uses deductibles, coverage is not 100%, does not cover routine or preventative maintenance

Olive Auto Warranty Company Details

Company Name: Olive
Year Founded: 2020
Website: www.olive.com
Location:  Columbus, OH, U.S.

Olive Warranty Alternatives

Compare your warranty quote with other online companies from the comfort of your computer.  Competition will always net you the best price.

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