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1800FreshStart Review

1800FreshStart Review

1800FreshStart Review


Apply for a bad credit, no credit FREE Auto Loan Quote

Get a bad credit auto loan online with 1800FreshStart.

Auto loans for those with bad credit or no credit.  Pre-Qualify for auto loans from $3,000 to $45,000 in just minutes. 1800FreshStart helps car buyers who may be looking for a fresh start when it comes to their credit.

Get the car you need and deserve with the help of 1800FreshStart

Getting a car loan in an uncertain economy can be a challenge, even with good credit. With poor credit it can be nearly impossible. This is where 1800FreshStart can help. Since 1998 they’ve been connecting those with less than perfect credit with lenders and car dealers across the country. Whether you have no credit or poor credit, they can help you get a fresh start with a car loan.

  • Request an auto loan in just 90 seconds. 1800FreshStart makes the loan process quick and easy. Fill out an online form and get connected with a lender or dealer willing to work with you.
  • Get your car within 48 hours. Their network of lenders is eager to help you get the car you deserve. Once approved, you could have the car of your dreams in just 24-48 hours.
  • Rebuild your credit rating. Get started on rebuilding your credit score with a loan from 1800FreshStart. Every payment you make on time helps you rebuild your credit rating to make life easier in the future.

Poor credit car loans

Get a bad credit auto loan online with 1800FreshStart.

Get your car loan quickly through an established network of lenders and dealers

Whether you’ve been recently laid off, divorced or have a poor credit rating, 1800FreshStart can help you get the car you deserve. Their straight-forward application process can be completed in just 90 seconds. Your application will then be reviewed by a network of lenders willing to see to it you get the cash and car you want.

  • A long history of helping consumers just like you. 1800FreshStart has been connecting consumers with lenders and car dealers for over 20 years. They helped over 1,000,000 people get loans to get the cars they needed.
  • Specialists in poor and no credit loans. While you can get a loan through 1800FreshStart with good credit, they really excel at helping those with bad credit, no credit and even bankruptcies. They like to say “yes”.
  • Quick online application. Get started by filling out an online application in 90 seconds Get your car loan quickly without the mountains of paperwork required by other lenders.

Over one-million loans

Get a bad credit auto loan online with 1800FreshStart.

Tools to rebuild your credit and get the loan you deserve

1800FreshStart not only helps you get the money you need and the car you deserve, but they can put you on the path to rebuilding a solid credit score through your timely payments. This not only solves your short-term transportation problems but puts you on the path to better credit. Their website is easy to use and contains some valuable information to give your credit a “fresh start”.

  • They make the process easy. Simply get started by filling out the online application form. You’ll then be contacted by lenders willing to help you get the car you deserve.
  • Answers to your most frequently asked questions. How much car can you afford? What determines your payments? Do you need a downpayment and if so, how much? Get the answers to these questions and more through 1800FreshStart.
  • Secure process. 1800FreshStart uses the latest encryption processes to keep your information safe. They’ve helped over one million consumers get loans securely.

No application fee!

Get a bad credit auto loan online with 1800FreshStart.

Rebuilding your credit takes time

If you have no credit or bad credit, or if you’ve experienced a bankruptcy, rebuilding your credit can take time. While 1800FreshStart helps consumers get loans, it is up to you to rebuild your credit through timely payments. There is also a price to pay when securing a loan with poor credit.

  • You’ll probably pay a higher interest rate. Poor credit lenders expect a higher return on their investment because they may be taking a bigger risk. This often results in higher interest rates for poor credit borrowers.
  • Lenders will contact you. This can be both good and bad news. The good news is that since lenders are contacting you, they already have an interest in lending you money. Some borrowers, however, may prefer not be be contacted.
  • You may have a downpayment. If your credit is particularly problematic, a lender may ask for you to have a down payment. This minimizing their risks by making sure you have some “skin in the game”. These down payments are usually pretty low, however, about 10% of the car’s price.

No obligation loans

Get a bad credit auto loan online with 1800FreshStart.


Large network of lenders and dealers: A large network of lenders means the odds are better you’ll get the car loan you deserve. 1800FreshStart has been connecting borrowers and lenders for over two decades.
Buy the new or used car of your dreams: With auto loans ranging from $3,500 to $45,000 you can choose from a wide range of vehicles to fit your budget.
Get a loan even if others have said no: They specialize in poor credit loans. Even if you have been told no before, it only takes a minute to get started with 1800FreshStart.

Rebuild Your Credit

Get a bad credit auto loan online with 1800FreshStart.


With over 20 years of experience and over one million successful loans completed, 1800FreshStart has proven to be an effective way for just about anyone to get a car loan. The process is relatively simple and quick, and borrowers can have the car they want within 24-48 hours. Perhaps best of all is the fact that they can help those with poor credit get a fresh start building their credit, while helping them secure reliable transportation.

  • Advantages: Quick & easy to get started, long history of success in helping consumers secure car loans, poor credit auto loan specialists.
  • Features: Easy, secure loan application process, provides answers to most frequently asked questions.
  • LimitationsPotentially higher interest rates then standard good credit loans, lenders contact you, possible down payment required.