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Rydeshopper Review

Rydeshopper Review


Get a no obligation, quick & easy FREE New Car Quote

Simple, free and easy to use. Select the vehicle you’re interested in, fill in a little information and let your price quotes roll in.  You can select up to five local dealers to start your own online bidding war.


How did Rydeshopper catch my attention?

If you realize how hidden pricing is strategically used by dealerships and how car buyers can capitalize upon it you’ll understand why this insider scenario is a win-win for everyone involved.

  • Can you save money from dealer mistakes?  Dealers are trying to move fast and cheap before they’re charged with interest payments due to borrowing the vehicle and not selling it as fast as promised. Selling at a discount before deadlines helps the dealers profit margins, but more importantly provides you with an opportunity to enjoy hidden pricing.
  • Is there leverage when dealers compete at clearance prices?  Prices already discounted individually from each dealer are then forced to compete with each other for your business, or simply explained as a sale going on sale at each dealer’s bid to remove a mistake from their inventory.
  • How fast can inventory move at clearance prices?  The faster a dealer can turn over its inventory, the more money they make.  Once a vehicle gets to a certain age, the dealer has to start making payments on it.  Needless to say, the dealer would rather sell the vehicle at a discounted price and get it off the lot.

How are they different?

Rydeshopper’s goal is to match potential car buyers with dealers who have the particular make, model, and year of vehicle the buyer is looking for. To keep things simple for you and competitive for the dealers, they’ll match you with up to five dealerships in your local area. That means you don’t have a long list to scroll through and you’re not being told about vehicles hundreds of miles away.

  • Hidden deals:  Receive car clearance prices – Many vehicles are priced “below dealer invoice”!
  • Dealers compete: Match you with up to 5 local dealers so you can easily compare which dealer is willing to be more flexible on pricing.
  • Dealer relationships: There is no “shot-gunning” your information.  They only deal with trusted dealerships across the United States.

What do they really do?

Using a simple data structure means fewer questions before you see prices and vehicle: make, model, zip, and age couldn’t be more streamlined for the service provided.

  • Vehicle search & pricing: Find available vehicles by make, model, and age with available dealership pricing offered.
  • Easy & fast interface: Navigate efficiently and effectively between vehicles, dealerships, and pricing intuitively with their online portal.
  • Local targeting: Your requests are paired with local dealers to minimize scrolling through long lists and inventory too far from your location.

Where could they improve?

Ryde Shopper keeps it simple by focusing on finding you the best prices in your local area. You will not find a lot of car reviews, ranking and best of reports on their website. Keeping the process simple also means the site lacks a few features or functions some car buyers might find useful. Chief among these are the following:

  • No vehicle reviews: Spending more time on building simplicity and dealership relationships, there are very few vehicle reviews.
  • Absent buying guides: There are only a handful of tools or guidance to help you decide what car might suit you best.
  • Limited vehicle inventory: Less common cars might be further away and so won’t show up. For example, if you want a gently used very specific Jaguar XE you might need to cast your net much further.
  • Save money: Internet volume pricing & discounts.  Dealers understand online car buyers are savvy.
  • Reduce time: Shop from the comfort of your home by having several local dealers compete for your business.
  • Improve experience: No dealing with frontline car salesman.  Easily compare prices from several dealerships at once.


Whether you’re looking for a new new car or a used car that’s new to you, a car buying website can be a great help. They’ll save you from walking round car lots and haggling face-to-face with car salespeople. And the big plus is, you should get a better deal. (That’s because internet sales are actually easier for dealerships to handle than the old negotiating methods.)

  • Benefits: Save money, reduce time, and improve experience
  • Advantages: Hidden deals, dealers compete, and dealer relationships
  • Features: Vehicle search & pricing, easy & fast interface, and local targeting
  • Limitations: No vehicle reviews, absent buying guides, and limited vehicle inventory