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Edmunds Review

Edmunds Review

Edmunds Review


Select a vehicle, find a dealer, get a FREE no obligation price quote.

Free new and used car price quotes from Edmunds.

Buy new or used cars with confidence. Edmunds provides a variety of features and tools that bring a higher level of confidence to the car buying process. Research and compare new and used car prices before you buy.

Find the right car using resources of one of the most respected names in the industry

One visit to the Edmunds website and you’ll see why this is such a highly thought of brand. A well-designed website, robust tools and powerful search capabilities makes this an all-encompassing portal for those in search of a new or used automobile. When searching for your perfect vehicle, this just may be your one stop resource.

  • Zoom into the car perfect for you. Use an array of search criteria to focus exactly on the right vehicle for your lifestyle and budget. New or used, Edmunds has an impressive selection of cars available.
  • Back up your search with Edmunds quality information. Get access to superior car reviews and ratings in specific vehicle categories. See what others think about the vehicle you are considering.
  • Get exclusive Edmunds Partner Promotions. Using this platform allows you to view exclusive new car deals from Edmunds partner dealers.

Get a quote before buying

Edmunds free new car price quotes

A one-stop resource for new or used car buyers

Edmunds provides visitors with a range of features that make it about as close to a one-stop car buying resource as you can get. The fact that it is attractive and easy to use adds to its advantages. Get the car-buying edge with Edmunds.

  • Search using criteria that is most important to you. Search by price, location, model, year and more. You decide what is important to you in a vehicle and Edmunds shows your choices.
  • A trusted name with major partners. Edmunds has one of the best reputations in the industry and works with major partners across the country. This is a vibrant, valuable network.
  • Find both new and used cars. While specializing in new cars, Edmunds provides access to a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles. Choose by age and mileage.

Superior car-buying experience

Edmunds free new car price quotes

The technology, tools and information you need for a successful car-buying experience

While provides an array of tools and features that make is so valuable, it is not overwhelming. You have access to abundant information about specific vehicles you may be considering, a robust search function and other tools for an improved car buying experience.

  • Superior vehicle reviews and ratings. Why are some vehicles so appealing? Why should you be aware of the shortcomings of others? Edmunds excels at helping shoppers know more before they buy.
  • Easy-to-use searches. The Edmunds search feature is simple to use yet powerful. It allows you to easily drill down to a manageable selection of vehicles right for you.
  • See what your current car is worth. Their “Appraise My Car” feature is a simple way to get an estimate on what your present vehicle may be worth.

Search by your criteria

Edmunds free new car price quotes

This is a highly rated car buying site with few limitations

With a name like Edmunds, you would expect a superior car buying experience and Edmunds delivers. There is a lot to like here, but if we were to get nit-picky, these would be concerns.

  • Seems to focus on new cars. There seems to be an emphasis on new car sales although used cars seem to be readily available.
  • Reviews and ratings are late-models. If you are buying an older vehicle, reviews and ratings may be limited.
  • It can sometimes be challenging discerning between what is an ad and what is unbiased information. Edmunds close relationships with its seller network can sometimes make it difficult to separate what is data and what is a sales pitch.

Top-rated buying experience

Edmunds free new car price quotes


  • Attractive, easy to use resource:  Finding a vehicle is easy. Simply type in your search criteria, submit, and view.
  • Research tools make is simple to perform due diligence:  Edmunds vast vehicle information, reviews and ratings add confidence to the buying process.
  • Use for both new and used car searches:  You decide your criteria, including if you prefer a new or used car.

Find New or Used Cars Fast

Edmunds free new car price quotes


Quite frankly, this is one of our most used and valued resources. People just seem to find it so easy to use. It provides detailed information if you want it or you can simply take advantage of its search feature. We like its car appraisal feature so you can see ahead of time what your own car may be worth. There is a lot to like here.

  • Benefits: Very easy to use, lots of car opinions and data, use for new and used car searches.
  • Advantages: Free searches using your criteria, powerful network, superior inventory.
  • Features: New and used car searches, car appraisal feature, car reviews and rankings.
  • LimitationsSlightly new car focused, most car data is for late models, hard to separate opinions from advertising.