Car salesman information.

So you want to sell cars?

So you want to sell cars?

So you want to sell cars?

Everything you ever wanted to know about professional car salesmen.

A car salesman is responsible for showing and selling automobiles to people who visit a car dealership.  There is a lot of money to be made selling cars and if taken as a serious career can be very rewarding.  Learn if you have what it takes to sell cars and how to get started.

Find Great Local Deals

Find the best new car prices & discounts in your local area.

Get paid

Many car salespeople work purely on commission, meaning they only make money when the sell a car, but that’s not the only way they can make money.

How car salesman make money

Typical day

If you’re considering becoming a car salesman, take some time to find out just what a typical day is like in the life of a professional car salesman at a dealership.

Typical day in the life of a car salesman

Life cycle

With any new career, there are many obstacles when it comes to becoming a professional car salesman. Learn what to look out for and how to press on.

Life cycle of a car salesman

Salesman slang

Car salesman slang words and slang phrases. Every industry has its own unique lingo or jargon, car sales is no different. If anything, it’s funny and hilarious!

Car salesman slang, lingo and terms

What's Your Trade Worth?

Take the guesswork out of trading your car.