Car Salesman Secret Facts and Information

Here you will find facts and information about car salesmen. How they are paid, what a typical day at the dealership looks like, their secret language, and even the stages a car salesman will go through in their career.

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A car salesman is someone that may look like your best friend, neighbor, family member, male or female. Whatever reason someone becomes a car salesman, it doesn't matter, they are there to do a job. believes car salesmen are the backbone of a car dealership. They are a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to buying a car. They're also the buffer zone between you and management at the dealership. Getting the salesman on your side will only help you that much more through the buying process. They can help fight for you to get you the best price but remember, they work for the dealership you're dealing with.

You should always be courteous to the car salesman that approaches you on the lot, they're probably just as afraid of you as you are of them. You should also be aware the car salesman needs you more than you need them (They don't sell a car, they don't get paid). Keep in mind they're not in control of the pricing of the vehicle you to buy. There is new or used car sales manager somewhere behind the curtain with his magic pencil.

How Car Salesman Get Paid | Car Salesman Commissions

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Have you ever noticed when you drive onto a dealerships lot how the car salesmen close in on you from all sides?

One of the reasons this happens is because of how car salesmen are paid and in traditional dealerships most of them are paid commission only.

The dealer knows paying salespeople only commission keeps them hungry and ensures the they will either produce sales or not be paid.

The secret formula to becoming a successful car salesman is simple:
"Sell a car = GET PAID!"

A car salesman's pay plan can be very complicated and may take some time to get used to if you've been on a salary, or used to being paid by the hour.

There are several different factors that come into play with how car salesmen get paid. They can be paid on each unit, how many cars they sell, how fast they sell cars, and several different bonuses and spiffs set forth by management.

Read more about car salesman commissions and pay plans here.

Typical Day in the Life of a Car Salesman

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Choosing to sell cars for a career can be a very rewarding experience, but it's not for everyone. You must be able to talk to people, work long hours, and handle rejection day in and day out. If you're able to do these things you will be able to help people purchase one of the most expensive items they will buy in their lifetime, a new or used car.

Car salesmen are paid by commission. This means if they are not selling a car they're not getting paid. Car salesmen must do many day-to-day tasks that have nothing to do with selling cars. These tasks may include helping service customers, moving and arranging cars, helping previous customers, and more.

Although these individuals have chosen car sales as their career, when visiting a car dealership there is no reason for you to be mean or rude to the salesman that approaches you. If they do not greet you as soon as you arrive on the dealer's property, their sales manager will scold them.

Continue to read an example of a typical car salesman's day.

Life Cycle of a Car Salesman

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Professional retail car sales can be a fun and rewarding career choice. If you've made a decision to be a professional car salesperson, the next step is to recognize the "career killers" and "pitfalls" that lie ahead.

10% Skill 90% Attitude

Professional car sales, like most careers, consist of plenty of mental and physical stress. As with any career you should study and learn as much as you can to make yourself knowledgeable about the choice you've made. You can have all the skill in the world, but if you don't have the attitude, you will fail.

The first year is very important when deciding to make car sales a career. I've broken down the first year for you, so you can be aware of some of the metal meltdowns that may destroy a very rewarding career.

Read more about the stages in a car salesman's career.

Car Sales Slang, Lingo, Terms, and Definitions

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Here you will find the largest list of car dealer slang, lingo, terms, and definitions on the Internet. There is a special language in car dealerships across the Nation. Familiarize yourself with it by browsing through the content below.

Easily the largest compiled list of car salesman slang, lingo, sayings and terms are within this section. Car salesman are the ones who invented this secret coded language so they can speak freely in front of unsuspecting customers.

There are many slang terms car salesman use to describe each other and certain day to day activities. You're almost guaranteed to hear at least one of the following terms while you're visiting a car dealership.

The slang on our list is the most commonly used terms you're most likely to hear while visiting a dealership. Car salesman have a slang term for just about everything associated with the car buying process. Be careful, they may be talking about you.

Continue to learn more about the car salesman's secret dealership language here.

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Did You Know?

Some car dealerships pay their sales people a draw every month. This could be up to $2000 or more.

The salesperson has to make at least that much by the end of the month to just break even with the dealer.

If the salesperson does not at least make enough money to pay the dealer back. The deficiancy balance is carried over to the next month.

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