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AutoCheck Review

AutoCheck Review

AutoCheck Review


Know what you’re buying before your purchase.

Get a used car history report online from AutoCheck.

Get a free simple check or take a deep dive into the history of any car you may be considering buying. AutoCheck provides a background check on any vehicle you may be thinking of purchasing before signing on the dotted line.

AutoCheck helps provide due diligence when used car buying

Buying a used car can be full of pitfalls. Is the car as described? Has it been in an accident or a flood? How many people have owned it previously? AutoCheck can tell you all of this and more. Check the DNA of any vehicle you purchase before buying it with AutoCheck.

  • Scan quickly. Get a fast AutoCheck score that will give you an indication about the history of any used vehicle you are thinking about.
  • Take a deep dive. Get a thorough history of the car you are buying so you know its true background. Uncover insurance claims and damage reports. Get peace of mind.
  • Decide with confidence. Your purchase is backed by Experian so you can have confidence that you can enjoy access to benefits such as free Buyback Protection for registered, qualified vehicles.

Buy with confidence

Get a used car history report online from AutoCheck.

Why AutoCheck is a big advantage when buying a used car?

There is an old adage that buying a used car is “buying someone else’s problems.” AutoCheck can’t stop you from buying a problematic car, but at least you will be aware of issues the car may have before your purchase. This can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

  • Start with a free vehicle search. Simply enter the VIN number or current license plate number on their form. You will be quickly notified if the vehicle has experienced problems in the past.
  • If there are issues, take a closer look. If you are still really interested in the car but there may be problems, choose to take a closer look before making a final decision.
  • Use the information to empower your purchase. You may simply decide to walk away, or you can use the information to get a better deal. The choice is yours. Knowledge is power, when you use it properly!

A powerful negotiating tool

Get a used car history report online from AutoCheck.

Protect yourself from buying a car with unseen problems

A car that has been in a flood may take months or years to exhibited problems. Major repairs can affect the lifespan of a car or even how it performs. You can’t just trust every description you see. Verify with AutoCheck.

  • Searching a vehicle is easy. Just supply the VIN number or current license plate. You quickly know if the car may have issues that should concern you. This initial search is free!
  • If there are issues, it is your decision to proceed or not. Some problems may be minor, others may be deal breakers. You decide if you want to perform a deeper dive into the car’s history.
  • Your decision can be backed by Experian. Choose to have your purchase protected by Experian with Buyback protection. This provides another layer of confidence in your purchase.

Get a free search now

Get a used car history report online from AutoCheck.

So here are the program’s down falls

Make no mistake, AutoCheck provides extremely valuable information you will want to know about a vehicle before making a purchase. But you should also understand its limits. Here are some factors you should be aware of.

  • Some issues may not show up on the report. If a vehicle has been repaired without using an insurance claim, for example, it may not show up in the report. This is pretty rare but it is possible.
  • Free reports only tell you if there is an issue. It will not provide details about any problems the car may have. You’ll have to purchase a membership to discover more, but that is understandable.
  • If you are shopping, you’ll want a more extensive plan. You can choose to check just one vehicle or buy plans that provide multiple vehicle reports. Be aware vehicle history reports are not unlimited.

Learn more before you buy

Get a used car history report online from AutoCheck.


  • Free initial report:  You can get a quick, free report letting you know if a car has issues.
  • Option to take a deep dive:  Get details about the issues your car has so you can make an informed decision.
  • Get your purchase guaranteed by Experian:  Take advantage of the available BuyBack Program from Experian.

Auto BuyBack Protection

Get a used car history report online from AutoCheck.


Believe it or not, not everyone is 100% trustworthy when describing a car they want to sell. There must be an easy, affordable, reliable way to verify a car’s history. AutoCheck is it. Plus you get the advantage of having your purchase backed by Experian’s BuyBack Program.

  • Benefits: Quick way to find out if a car has issues and take a deep dive into the history of the car.
  • Advantages: Instant vehicle search report, backed with a BuyBack Program.
  • Features: Easily get one or more vehicle reports, adds to your negotiation power.
  • Limitations: Details limited in the free search, some issues may not be reflected in the report.