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Liberty Mutual Review

Liberty Mutual Review

Liberty Mutual Review

Liberty Mutual

Check insurance rates on the vehicle BEFORE buying it.

Get a free car insurance quote online from Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual offers quality automobile coverage from a major provider at competitive prices. In fact, when applying through their online interface, Liberty Mutual promises savings of up to 12%. It is easy to get started.

Customize your coverage and only pay for what you need

With Liberty Mutual, you can buy auto insurance online from a major insurer and get rewarded with up to 12% in additional savings. Liberty Mutual even promises more savings if you bundle your car insurance with homeowners’ insurance (which you can also get quoted online). Their website is easy-to-use and you’ll discover your rate quickly. This is a great tool for discovering rates on a potential vehicle before you purchase it.

  • Free quotes and no obligation to buy. You maintain control whether you decide to proceed or not every step of the way.
  • Additional online savings and save by bundling. Liberty Mutual offers up to 12% savings by buying online and additional savings when you bundle policies…and it’s easy to do.
  • Added benefits you can use. Liberty Mutual offers an online app, online learning center, roadside assistance and more.

Affordable Rates

Get a free car insurance quote online from Liberty Mutual.

Free insurance quotes from a major auto insurance provider

Liberty Mutual provides a complete online car insurance buying experience that feels like full-service. From a straight-forward, well-designed platform to abundant features and benefits, you likely won’t be disappointed. This is not a bare bones platform.

  • More ways to save. Get additional savings by buying online. Save even more when bundling auto insurance with homeowners’ insurance.
  • Know rates before you buy your next vehicle. With Liberty Mutual, you can get an insurance quote on a vehicle you are just thinking of buying. This can prevent a costly surprise after your purchase. Thus, a smart way to buy!
  • Roadside assistance. Liberty Mutual offers roadside assistance with its automobile insurance, a potentially valuable addition, especially on an older vehicle.

Features that add to the insurance buying experience

With Liberty Mutual, you have more control of the process. Choose coverage that fits your needs and budgets without paying for what you don’t need. Liberty Mutual also provides additional tools and features to improve your knowledge and help you save.

  • Exclusive discounts. Save simply by buying online. Take advantage of additional savings when bundling with homeowners’ or Renter’s insurance.
  • Get customized coverage. Your quote is designed specifically for you. This helps assure you are getting affordable coverage you need without paying for what you don’t need.
  • Convenient features that add value. Liberty Mutual also provides Roadside Assistance, a downloadable app, superior customer service and so much more, all from a highly regarded auto insurance provider.

Enjoy online discounts

Get a free car insurance quote online from Liberty Mutual.

A great online auto insurance buying experience, but you need to know more

The Liberty Mutual Insurance website is well-planned and convenient to use. It is worth giving a try but you should know of some relatively minor limitations.

  • You are only using the service of Liberty Mutual. It is what it is. This is Liberty Mutual’s online insurance quote website so quotes are limited to coming from their company. Don’t expect competing quotes from various companies.
  • The biggest discounts are on more feature packed policies. The more features you add to your policy, the bigger discount you will receive. This is great for those interested in comprehensive coverage.
  • Be prepared to provide details. Accurate quotes take detailed information. The VIN can be very valuable.

Quality, brand-name coverage

Get a free car insurance quote online from Liberty Mutual.


  • Get bigger discounts online:  Save up to 12% by purchasing online. Get even more savings with a multi-policy discount.
  • Use valuable tools and features:  Get 24/7 roadside assistance, download the Liberty Mutual app, use their knowledge center and enjoy superior service.
  • Obtain quick coverage from a respected provider:  Liberty Mutual has a superior reputation for auto insurance. See for yourself why!

Free Roadside Assistance

Get a free car insurance quote online from Liberty Mutual.


We love the fact that Liberty Mutual is such a well-respected brand that remains a hidden online resource for auto insurance. Since we like to recommend car buyers get an insurance quote before buying a car, this is right up our alley. We also like the fact that there are additional discounts available. It feels like a full-service insurance buying experience.

  • Benefits: Large, respected insurance provider, online discounts, bundling discounts
  • Advantages: Free no-obligation quotes, superior service, solid reputation
  • Features: Learning center, downloadable app, roadside assistance, online discounts.
  • Limitations: Quotes from a single provider, biggest discounts on feature-filled, comprehensive policies.