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Car insurance tends to be an afterthought when people are shopping for a new car. Car dealers are aware of this, they prefer you didn't shop insurance rates before buying a car. If everyone did, there would be less chance they could bump you up into a higher payment. It's just one of the many reasons car dealerships and their staff want you to "BUY NOW" or "BUY A CAR TODAY!"

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Not checking car insurance rates before you buy a car can be a very costly mistake. If you have a lien on your vehicle, by law, you must have full coverage auto insurance. Vehicles get more and more expensive every year and insurance rates and premiums continue to climb.

The two factors of how much you pay for insurance is the driver's age and type of vehicle they are driving. It only makes sense to comparison shop and find the best coverage for the money.

How to get Car Insurance Rate Quotes Online

If you're looking to buy a vehicle or haven't shopped around for cheaper car insurance in the last 6 months it may be very beneficial to take a few minutes and grab a few price quotes to compare.

There are several factors that may decrease the amount you pay for car insurance such as your age, personal driving record has improved, your credit history has improved or even lifestyle changes such as you've recently bought a home, been married, or even your kids have moved on to college or out of the house.

The auto insurance industry has become very competitive, since the level of competition in the insurance market is so high. Insurance companies will strip out certain elements like windshield coverage that use to be standard just to cut their premiums.

The cheapest auto insurance doesn't necessarily mean the best insurance for you!

Auto insurance rates can vary greatly form one insurance company to another. The process of shopping for the best car insurance coverage can be very frustrating and bring the most experienced shopper to their knees.

We've included direct links to our top 3 online car insurance companies that provide consumers with free, no-obligation price quotes below. We've reviewed each company thoroughly and believe they provide our readers with the best "value-for-the-money" when it comes to reliable auto insurance coverage.

Continue to our insurance company reviews section to read why we recommend the companies below.

To get a free insurance quote from each company below. Just visit each company's web site, enter the year, make and model of the vehicle, answer a few questions and almost instantly you will have your price quotes and the comparison price quotes of the competing companies online.

Recommended Online Car Insurance Sites

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USAA membership is open to U.S. military service members, veterans with an honorable discharge, and their eligible family members. Once you become a member you will have access to some of the lowest insurance rates available to you and even your teen driver.

Visit USAA Here >>

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Geico stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. They are the second-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States per A.M Best. Providing superb customer service Geico will provide you their rates along with their competition for you to compare.

Visit Geico Here >>

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21stCentury has been around since 1958. Part of the Farmers Insurance Group, they're ranked #1 in Auto Insurance Website Responsiveness by Keynote®. With 24/7 online policy and claim services, they believe you can get the same great coverage for much less.

Visit 21st Century Here >>

Click here for my full auto insurance company reviews >>

Services That Provide Several Insurance Quotes

You may choose to use an online company that will let submit one form and shop several different auto insurance companies for you. These types of online companies provide you with several offers from several reputable insurance providers and allow you to research, price, compare and select the coverage that best fits your needs.

After careful scrutiny of several of these types of online companies we believe esurance provides consumers with the best offers from the most reliable and reputable insurance companies available. We've provided a direct link to their web site below.

Services that Shop Insurance Companies for You

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Esurance is there when you need them. Rated with A.M Best as an A+ business, esurance will provide you with an auto insurance quote, not someone sorta like you. You fill out one form and they'll search several companies to find the best coverage for your driving needs.

Visit Esurance Here >>

Get a Copy of Your Personal Driving Record

Obtaining a copy of your personal driving record will let you investigate what has been reported during your driving history. Sometimes errors can occur you're unaware of, for example, tickets that have not fallen off or you're not credited for a defensive driving class or school you've taken.

These errors can make you pay a higher price for car insurance coverage. You don't want to find out about errors on your personal driving record by your insurance company canceling your policy.

An insurance company is going to check your driving record also. Don't try and get around telling them about a ticket or accident you had in another state over a year ago, they will find out and your rates will go up accordingly if they don't cancel you altogether.

On the brighter side if you purchased your auto insurance while you had an accident or tickets on your driving record and they have since fallen off. You should take advantage of the situation by doing some online comparison shopping; you may be entitled to some big savings. The insurance company you're with is most likely not going to freely offer up any discounts from what your paying unless you bring up the fact your past discrepancies have fallen off your record.

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My Recommended Auto Insurance Sites

USAA and esurance are the quickest way to see what insurance coverage will cost you on the vehicle you want to buy. These online sites will provide you with free, no-obligation quotes and the prices are normally pretty good. You can also use these quotes to negotiate an even better price with a dealership.

Share Your Tips - If you have any auto insurance tips that will help other car buyers save money. Please tell us about it in the comments below, so we can share it with everyone.

Continue to our section on Auto Insurance Company Reviews.

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Did You Know?

If you have not shopped auto insurance rates within the last six months you may be missing out on serious savings.

An insurance company is not going to call and volunteer any discount information you may qualify for. It is your responsibility to see if you qualify for any discounted rates.

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