Car Insurance Discount Secrets

Insurance companies and their agents are not quick to disclose certain insurance discounts available. Why would they want to discount money out of their profit from you? So the old saying is true, "If you don't ask, you don't receive."

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As long as you know what to ask for, by law, an insurance agent must disclose if there are discounts available to you.

Each insurance company has different discounts and different underwriting guidelines. It's beneficial for you to comparison shop to ensure you receive the best rate.

There are several discounts available to you. These discounts are for certain safety equipment on your car, type of car, students, retired individuals, payment methods, rate territories, and even switching from one insurance provider to another.

Insurance Discounts for Vehicle Equipment

Driving a safe car will benefit you by reducing your risk in getting into an accident or decreasing your chances of serious injury in case your involved in a collision. Most insurance companies will reward you with discounts for having certain safety equipment on your vehicle.

Check out your vehicle to see if you have any of the below equipment and make sure you ask your insurance agent if you qualify for any of the below discounts.

Front and side curtain airbags - Having airbags in your vehicle do not just decrease your chance of injury during a collision. You could save up to 25% or more for driver-side airbag and up to 40% or more for full-front and side curtain airbags. These types of discounts normally apply to the medical payments or personal injury section of your car insurance premium.

Car alarms or anti-theft devices - You can get discounts of up to 25% or more on the comprehensive portion of your premium from most insurance companies for a factory installed anti-theft system.

Anti-lock brake system - If your vehicle has an anti-lock braking system, some insurance companies will provide you with a 5% or more discount on the collision part of your premium.

Daytime running lights - You can earn as much as 3% or more discount off your car insurance coverage if daytime running lights is standard equipment on your vehicle.

Restraint system (Seat Belts) - If your vehicle has factory-installed passive restraint systems, also known as motorized seat belts, insurance companies usually offer discounts that will apply to the medical payment portion of your policy.

LoJack system or tracking device - LoJack is similar to an anti-theft device but is much more advanced than a normal alarm system. LoJack is a tracking system that is hidden on the vehicle and allows law enforcement officers to track a vehicle's location after it's been stolen. Some insurance companies may give you a discount up to 10% or more on your comprehensive car insurance premiums with this kind of security system on your vehicle.

Vehicle identification number window etching (VIN ETCH) - Glass is one of the most profitable items for a thief when stealing a car. Having VIN Etch installed on all the glass of your vehicle will deter a thief from stealing your vehicle. Car dealerships charge upwards of $250.00 or more for this service. You can order the kit online and do it yourself much cheaper.

Visit VINShield to get an etch kit for a fraction of the cost. Some insurance companies will discount your comprehensive premiums and which will pay for the cost of having your VIN etched into all of your windows.

Recommended Online Car Insurance Sites

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Liberty Mutual has been around since 1912. They help consumers protect and preserve what they've earned, own, built and cherish. Keeping their promise when your in need means Liberty Mutual will be there when you need them most.

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Esurance is there when you need them. Rated with A.M Best as an A+ business, esurance will provide you with an auto insurance quote, not someone sorta like you. You fill out one form and they'll search several companies to find the best coverage for your driving needs.

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Insurance Discounts for Students and College Drivers

Some reputable insurance companies still provide discounts for student drivers. Having the highest insurance rates, 16 to 19 year old drivers are involved in more accidents than any age group in the industry. This is good reason to look for ways to reduce risk of fatal accidents and the cost of car insurance.

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When shopping for car insurance, the two main factors influencing your car insurance rate is the age of the driver and the type of vehicle he or she will be driving. It only makes sense for a student or young adult to find as many discounts available to help decrease the total price of car insurance.

Check out our list of car insurance discounts for students below and make sure you ask your insurance agent if you qualify for any of these discounts.

Good student car insurance discount - Statistically a student who makes good grades in school or college is less likely to be involved in a car accident according to insurance companies. Most insurance companies will offer students that make good grades a "Good Student Discount" as long as they maintain a 3.0 GPA, "B" average or on the Dean's List.

Low mileage student driver discounts - Low mileage student driver discounts may be offered by a car insurance company if the student only needs to drive short distances to and from campus. The student mostly uses public transportation or carpooling to cut down on the number of miles driven on a daily basis.

Drivers education or driver training discount - By completing a defensive driving course or Advanced Driver Training Course, as long as it's not used to alleviate a tarnished driving record. Young drivers under 21 can receive discounts up to 20 percent off their car insurance rates.

Infrequent driver student discount - If the student only uses the family car when they're home on vacation or break, most insurance companies may not require the student to be covered. Since the student will not be driving the vehicle that often they may be covered just like any other relative who may use the family vehicle infrequently.

Youthful driver insurance discounts - Single drivers, under 21 years of age and living with their parents at home may be able to take advantage of car insurance discounts. If you're considering adding another driver to your existing car insurance policy, it's always best to speak with your policy agent first.

Discounts for adding a student driver to an existing policy - Parents who add a driver to their existing car insurance policy may save on their current car insurance rates, especially if they already qualify for safe driver discounts.

Remove a student temporarily while at college and not driving a car - Many insurance companies will let you remove a student from your main car insurance policy while they're away and not driving the family cars. When the student returns home on vacation or winter break, you just add them back on the policy.

The best student car insurance discount tip of all time. - The best student car insurance rate discount tip out there is:

"Refrain from driving recklessly and avoid becoming involved in an accident."

Driving like a mad man, receiving traffic tickets or getting into an accident that requires filling out an insurance claim will indeed have a greater risk of increasing your car insurance rates.

The only thing that will bring your rates back down is maintaining an unblemished driving record over a long period of time. Driving safely and responsibly now will help you save with lower car insurance rates in the future. Not to mention also keep you and your passengers safe.

Some students can combine the above student discounts with the equipments earlier on this page to maximize your savings.

How to Shop for Car Insurance Online as a Student

Car insurance tends to be an afterthought for most car buyers. It's comical how many people spend hours shopping to buy a new or used car, sign all the contracts, and not check how much car insurance will be until afterwards. Some of these people were just paying liability car insurance rates on their previous car and unexpectedly they now have to start paying the higher full coverage rates.

Car dealers and their salespeople are aware of this, they prefer you didn't shop car insurance rates before buying a car. If you did, there would be less chance they could bump you up into a higher payment. Another of the many reasons a car dealer wants you to "BUY NOW" or "BUY A CAR TODAY!"

Checking insurance rates is a pretty simple step but people seem to forget to do it before buying a new car. Not checking car insurance rates before you buy a car can be a very costly mistake. If you have a lien on your vehicle, by law, you must have full coverage insurance. Vehicles get more and more expensive every year and insurance rates are on the climb.

Driving without car insurance is illegal. If you have a lien on
your car, by law, you must carry full coverage insurance.

Some people are nervous about checking insurance rates online. They believe they're going to miss a certain discount or have a special circumstance that they need to explain to an agent. It's all in understanding how the process works.

It only takes a couple minutes to check and comparison shop car insurance rates online and you can do it for free sitting right at your computer. Even if you already own a car and have had an insurance policy in place for at least six months. You may want to see if you can qualify for a cheaper rate.

You can visit well known insurance companies online to get free, no-obligation rate quotes. The company I recommend is Libery Mutual. After receiving your quotes from these companies you can do a comparison to guarantee you're receiving the best coverage for your money.

If you don't have time to visit each one of the companies above, you can visit an online company like esurance and fill out one form and have them go out and shop the most reputable insurance companies for you. This will also allow you to compare each offer and pick the best coverage that meets your needs.

Read our full auto insurance company reviews of the online companies we recommend on

There are many myths associated with auto insurance. Does your personal credit history effect your car insurance premiums? Are your car insurance rates higher if you buy a red car? Read more about common car insurance myths here.

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My Recommended Auto Insurance Sites

Libery Mutual and esurance are the quickest way to see what insurance coverage will cost you on the vehicle you want to buy. These online sites will provide you with free, no-obligation quotes and the prices are normally pretty good. You can also use these quotes to negotiate an even better price with a dealership.

Continue to our section all about GAP Insurance.

Car Clearance Deals new car price quotes

Did You Know?

Auto insurance should be a forethought and not an afterthought.

Knowing how much your monthly insurance payment will be up front will help you budget what your overall monthly expense will be for your vehicle.

Read more on how to get free car insurance price quotes online here.

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