How to Buy Used Cars Online and Skip the Dealership

Read my Vroom review to find out if you can really get a better deal buying a used car online.

You’re a smart car shopper. We already know this because you’ve come to, and it probably means you do your used car shopping and research online.

But what about the actual buying? New car dealers are getting more web-savvy but until now the same hasn’t been true for the used car market. Vroom is a cutting edge company that has set out to change the way smart car shoppers buy a used car online.

Vroom is a web business that makes it easy to buy a used car. They’ll handle all aspects of the used car buying process, including your trade-in and even arrange financing. Vroom works more like a car dealership than a marketplace where sellers advertise, but it doesn’t have physical showrooms. There are no salespeople to work with, haggle with, or worry about, and the entire process is transparent.

Buying a used car from a dealership can be painful. Used car salespeople are often hard to work with. Even though some are charming and delightful, you’re usually left wondering if they just made a fat profit from you. The alternative is to buy privately, but that’s too much risk and not enough return for most people.

Here we’ll explain why it’s such a pain to buy a used car from a dealership. We’ll also touch briefly on the downsides of the private seller route. Then we’ll share how Vroom lets you buy a used car without setting foot on a dealer’s lot.