Car Buying Scams Exposed

Are they car dealer scams, fraud, or just clever manipulations of word play? Car buying scams committed by dealers cost consumers thousands of dollars every day. Please don't think I'm not talking about all dealerships in general, some car dealers are hard working individuals just trying to make a honest living. The problem is you never know what kind of dealership your dealing with. The best way to protect yourself is to familiarize yourself with the most common car buying scams before contacting a dealership.

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Then there are the not-so-nice dealers actively practicing the art of deception and will lie, cheat and steal from customers. Some of these dealers and their staff will try and take you for every penny you have and they'll do anything to get it.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

Every day there's another "new sale" or "new event" to lure you into a dealership. It's ultimately your responsibility to make sure you don't become victim to one of their scams.

This section of exposes the most common car dealer scams committed in car dealerships nationwide. Read through this entire section to familiarize yourself with these dishonest techniques. Falling victim to just one of them can cost you thousands of dollars. Once educated, you will be able to identify and avoid these scams.

Finance Process Scams Exposed

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Scams committed during the finance process of buying a car are some of the most costly to the consumer. They're tough to prove and normally it's too late do anything about it, if you've already signed the paperwork.

You can lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in a matter of seconds and not realize it until it's already too late.

There are many scams associated with the finance process. Some are very subtle, while some are downright obvious if you know what to look for.

This section exposes the most common car dealer scams in use today associated with the finance process when buying a car from a dealership.

Negotiation Scams Exposed

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Car salesmen send us the most feedback about this section. These types of scams have a direct reflection on their paychecks.

These secret tricks of the trade are mostly committed by unscrupulous salespeople and their sales managers during the negotiation process of buying a car.

Our advice to salespeople sending us hate mail..."Get better at selling cars, stop cutting corners and quit trying to scam car buyers out of their hard earned money."

There are several dealer scams dealing with the purchase of a new or used car. Most of these scams deal with pricing and how to manipulate the customer to overpay for a vehicle.

Advertising Scams Exposed

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Car dealers are masters in the art of advertising. Some of the most controversial car buying scams dealers commit has to do with how they advertise on the television, radio, Internet, and in the newspaper.

If a dealer is advertising a price that's too good to be true...It probably is. Dealers will also run offers promising to get you approved, pay your trade off, or even promise to sell you a vehicle half off the M.S.R.P.

Dealer's can be very tricky when advertising prices or payments in the media. If there's a payment or price attached to an advertised vehicle, there must be a disclaimer somewhere in the ad. Make sure you find it and read it.

In this section I'll show you how to dissect dealer advertisements and teach you how to navigate through all the double talk. I'll also show you how car dealers get away with running these types of misleading ads.

Read my section on misleading dealer advertisements to learn how to decode all the language dealers use in their print and media advertisements.

Used Car Scams Exposed

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There are many vehicles being put back together and sold to the general public. It's not the dealer's responsibility to disclose this information to you. It's ultimately up to you to not buy one of these vehicles.

Sometimes the salesperson and/or dealer many not be aware one of these bad cars are for sale on their lot. If you buy the vehicle, it becomes your problem and not theirs.

Salvage, flood, or rebuilt cars are commonly found on a dealer's lot. You can find these types of cars near the coast, or even in the middle of the desert, they can be found anywhere.

Used car scams are rampant in the car buying world. Not having a used car inspected before buying it, may cost you thousands of dollars in the future. Not only do you need to have a used car inspected by a mechanic, you also need to review its life history.

Unethical dealer scams cost new and used cars shoppers thousands of dollars every day. How to avoid becoming a victim is to not rush the car buying process. Don't get wrapped up in all the excitement of buying a new car. Take your time, do your research and homework and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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Did You Know?

The spot delivery is one of the most popular scams in use by dealers today.

Also called the "Financing Fell Through Scam," dealers will use this scam to take you out of the market so they will have first shot at selling you a car.

Read more about the spot delivery scam >>

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