All Credit Applications Approved Dealer Scam

Everything you ever wanted to know about the "All Credit Applications Approved Scam" but didn't know who to ask. Also known as the "All Credit Applications Accepted Scam". This section of will show you how to recognize and avoid this very common car dealership advertising scam.

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This is one of the most commonly used car dealer advertising scams used in dealer's advertising and is highly effective to drive traffic to the dealership.

Targeting individuals with less than perfect credit, you can find the term "all credit applications accepted" in a car dealers print, TV, Internet, and radio ads.

There are many variations of this statement, it's just a play on words. The car dealer wants you to believe no matter how bad your credit is, they will be able to find you financing and approve you for a car loan.

Why Dealers Advertise All Applications Approved

This popular dealer advertising scam is used to drive traffic to the dealership. Customers with questionable or bad credit read the advertisement and believe their chances are greatly improved to finance a car.

The all credit applications accepted statement or variations of the statement, when used in a dealers advertising, will drive high amounts of bad credit car buyers to the dealership.

Once these customers show up at the dealership in hopes of being approved for a vehicle. It's the car salesman's job to weed out the people that can actually buy a car from the people who can't.

Familiarize yourself with how dealers finance cars to see why it's important to know how the finance process works in a dealership.

How the All Credit Applications Accepted Scam Works

This statement is usually combined with a call to action statement or urgency statements when used in a dealer's advertising. Here's an example of how you may see this statement in a ad below:

Car Dealership Advertising Example
Special Lenders Onsite
All Credit Applications Will Be Accepted!
Labor Day Weekend Only

The idea behind the "All Credit Applications Approved" statement is to give you a false belief you're essentially guaranteed to be approved for a car loan. This type of advertising is directed towards people that have bad credit or have been recently turned down for a car loan at another dealership.

When combined with other statements the ad continues to make you believe there are special banks and lenders visiting the dealership to help you get a car loan. The urgency statement, "Labor Day Weekend Only" instills the illusion, the offer is only available for a limited time so you better hurry up and get there.

The true meaning of the all credit applications approved statement is not that you're guaranteed to be approved for a loan. It means the dealer will accept or approve of you submitting a credit application to them. This scam is a very dirty little play on words but is continually used because of its high effectiveness to create large amounts of traffic.

How to Avoid the All Credit Applications Accepted Scam

Familiarize yourself with more car dealer tricks of the trade and how dealers can scam you out of your money.

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