Beware of Flood Damaged Cars for Sale

Beware of flood damaged cars available for sale in the marketplace.

When you buy a used car you probably think about the possibility of accident damage. Perhaps paint on the fender doesn’t quite match that on the door. Maybe the plastic on one headlight is a little clearer than the other.

Providing repairs have been made professionally these things shouldn’t put you off, although you may try negotiating a lower price. But what about flood damage?

Flood damage is expensive to repair, so vehicles that have been flooded are often totaled by their insurance companies. Many will then be repaired and resold. Such vehicles should be identified as such on their title but some less scrupulous sellers avoid this. That’s because flood damage takes a big bite out of the value of a car. Quite simply, most car buyers don’t want a vehicle that’s been immersed in dirty water, and for very good reason.