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How to sell my old junk car online

An old junk car, or sometimes referred to as a yard car, is a vehicle that’s been sitting in your front yard or driveway for a long time.  Trading an old junk car will normally only net you a couple hundred dollars from a dealer.  You may be able to get more by selling it online.

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How a dealer over-allows on an old junk car

Old junk cars or yard cars do not normally bring much value when trading them in at a car dealership. Some dealers will not even consider taking an old car in on trade if it’s not running or has to be towed to the dealership.

If a dealer tells you they’re giving you a big pile of money for your old junk car and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You can check to see if a dealer is lying about the amount of money he’s offering by asking him, how about you just buy my old junk car instead of me buying another car today? The dealer will most likely say he’s only giving you that amount because you’re buying a car from him.

The amount of money above and beyond what your old junk car is worth will be added to the price of the vehicle you’re buying. The dealer is just playing a game with you, having you focus on the amount of money they are offering you for your trade. And hoping it will take your focus off the price you’re paying for your new car.

Car Buying Tip – The truth is, there’s no way a car dealer will write a huge check for a vehicle that has no value. Believe it or not, they’re not in business to lose money.

  • Trading an old junk car will usually only net you couple hundred dollars from a car dealer.
  • There’s many times in my career I’ve only given a customer $1.00 for an old worn out car, but on paper I would make it look like they were getting anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or more depending on the circumstance.  The customer is happy because they’re getting out of their old junk car.
  • Any over-allowance over the actual cash value of the trade will be made up somewhere else on the car deal.

Selling a car online is easy

Peddle is the site I recommend for selling your old junk car online.  They make the process fast, easy and simple.

The first thing you do is input your vehicle’s information (be as fair and honest as possible, your goal is to get a true value).

You will receive an offer, and once you accept it, they will come to you and exchange a check for your vehicle.

Junk car buying site reviews

Online services such as Peddle are great if you don’t want to mess with that old junk car sitting on your property. They will come to your house within 24 hours and pick up your vehicle for free. They’ll even pay you to come and get your car.

Peddle works like this:

  • Put in your vehicle information and they make you an offer.
  • They arrange tow services, nationwide coverage and Canada, to pick up your car.
  • Your old car is removed and you GET PAID!
  • It’s just that easy and the quotes are FREE!

Sell your car online fast to Peddle.

If you want to sell your old junk car fast (or any car), get an instant offer from Peddle right now.

The online quote is free and there is no obligation to do anything further. At the time of this article, Peddle has purchased over 300,000 vehicles online from people just like yourself.

Once you receive your quote it will give you a true idea of what your old junk car is really worth without any strings attached.  If you still want to trade your car in with a dealer, you’ll know if they are offering you an over allowance on your trade.

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Alternatives to selling your old junk car online

If you’re unsure of using an online company to come and pick up your old car. You can call your local salvage yard or scrap yard and see how much they will offer you for it. The only problem with most of these salvage and scrap yards is, you must arrange to get your vehicle to them. This means paying for a tow truck to tow it for you, or you figuring out a way to get it to their location.

Depending on the type of old car that you have you may want to remember the old saying rings true:

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

If time is not a factor you may want to list your old junk car in your local newspaper. When meeting people that would like to see your car, always make sure that you are in a public place or you have someone with you. Also, when selling an old junk car I would recommend only accepting cash if dealing person to person.

Online auction sites such as Ebay and Craigslist may bring you surprising results. You never know what people are searching for at any given time.

When selling on Ebay make sure you check the fees associated before listing your car, and if you have a PayPal account don’t forget to check with their fees as well.

Craigslist is free, but selling with either one of these companies please keep in safety in mind first.

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