Peddle Review 2024: Will They Really Buy Your Car?

Sell Your Car Online Fast

My Peddle review will show you how to sell your car online quickly.

Peddle is an online car-buying service that focuses on offering excellent service and convenience to its customers. My 2024 Peddle review delves into how their platform works and whether they’re a legit company.

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Suppose you have a less-than-perfect car or want to sell your vehicle quickly. Peddle claims you can complete a simple online form and receive an offer immediately. Plus, Peddle does not charge anything for utilizing their service. But will they buy your car online, and is it that easy?

What is Peddle?

Peddle is a free, national car-buying service that makes instant offers to buy cars from private sellers.

Services like Peddle (previously can be somewhat convenient when selling your vehicle.

Peddle will accept a car in worse shape than a dealer and is quicker than a private seller. They respond with an immediate, no-obligation offer when you give them the specifics of the car you want to sell.

How Peddle Works

Peddle has bought and resold or repurposed over 2 million vehicles in the United States.

How it works in three easy steps:

  • Tell them about your automobile: Like the year, make, model, mileage, general condition, and whether or not you have the title on hand.
  • Get an instant offer: You will have up to seven days to accept their offer, giving you plenty of time to consider your options.
  • Relax and get paid: They will come and pick up your car for free, hand you cash or a check, and be on their way.

How to Sell Your Vehicle to Peddle

Selling your vehicle to Peddle is a simple and easy process.  Fill out the quick online form with various information about your car.  Including the year, make & model, potential damage, trim, and options.

Once submitted, they will instantly provide you with an offer to buy.  If you agree to the amount offered, Peddle will buy your car and pay you as soon as they visually inspect it and pick it up from your location.

NOTE: Have your vehicle’s 17-digit identification number and know your vehicle’s trim level with you before filling out the form.

Here is a list of things Peddle will want to know about your vehicle:

  • Is the car driveable?
  • What is the exact mileage of the vehicle?
  • Does the vehicle have any visible body damage?
  • Does the car have any previous fire or flood damage?
  • Are the tires inflated, and are the wheels mounted?
  • Have any of the outside body panels been detached or removed?
  • Is there any interior damage or missing elements (radio, seats, airbags, etc.)?
  • What is the condition of the windshield, mirrors, and lights?
  • Have any exterior body panels come loose or been removed?
  • What’s the state of the windshield, mirrors, and headlights?

NOTE: It is essential to describe your vehicle to the best of your knowledge when requesting an offer from Peddle. The offer price will stay the same if you provide accurate information in their simple online form.

If there are any differences at the pickup time, Peddle will adjust the offer if the car value changes. If the carrier has already departed the pickup area, the firm may need to reschedule pickup if you accept the offer.

Peddle Pros and Cons

What I like about Peddle (Pros)

  • Peddle provides an instant offer.
  • A quick and straightforward process with no obligation to buy.
  • Will purchase vehicles of any age.
  • Convenient and require very little personal information from you.
  • They are dependable and pay what they say they will.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • They purchase vehicles in good or imperfect condition.

What I don’t like about Peddle (Cons)

  • They will not offer what you would if you were to sell the vehicle yourself.
  • Payment by check is the only payment type.
  • It may not be appropriate for newer, late-model vehicles.
  • There are complaints about the pickup process.
  • Until a representative physically inspects your vehicle, your offer is not guaranteed. (To avoid unwanted surprises, be honest and upfront about your car when submitting your vehicle’s information through the website.)

Get a no-obligation, fast & simple
FREE Online Offer
Sell your car online fast to Peddle.

Or Call Direct = 1-855-574-9837

What Gives Peddle an Advantage Over Other Car-Buying Services?

There are plenty of car-buying services. Peddle, however, seems to have an advantage in three particular ways. They have built their business model on convenience, reliability, and speed. Here are three pretty attractive traits when you want to sell a vehicle and are in a hurry.

  • They are super convenient: Peddle doesn’t meddle with your personal information. You don’t have to give your life’s history. You tell them about the car you want to sell and any “unique” qualities it may have through an online form. Hit “submit,” and you will instantly get an offer for your car. Accept it, and you are on your way.
  • You can count on them to be reliable: Once you accept the offer, Peddle will schedule a pick-up window for your vehicle. If you have the title prepared and notarized and the keys ready, and as long as your car is in the condition you described, you will get your check, and they will be on their way. They call it “easy peasy.” You can count on it.
  • The process is eye-widening and quick: Peddle’s business model is based on volume buying. They are vested in getting your deal done quickly, and they will. It all comes down to a simple form, an instant offer, and quick pick-up and payment.
  • Quick and easy: Get an instant offer from Peddle.

Why I Like Peddle

You can quickly sell your car online without traditional transaction hassles.

Selling your car can be a hassle. There may be ads to place, appointments to set up, and plenty of no-shows. Not with Peddle. These guys place a premium on customer service and convenience. Tell them about your car and get an offer instantly. If you accept it, get your keys and title ready!

  • What’s convenience worth to you? Imagine filling out a short form about your car, getting an offer instantly, and setting an appointment to have your check delivered and your vehicle picked up. It just doesn’t get any easier.
  • A fantastic way to sell damaged or even non-running cars. It seems like no one wants a damaged car, not private owners, not dealers, etc. Peddle will instantly make an offer on any vehicle, and there’s no obligation to sell. They’ll even arrange for towing.
  • Get help with title problems. If there are issues with your vehicle’s title, let Peddle know. Their network of professionals is specialists in working with sellers who may have title problems.

The Right Features Sellers Are Looking For

Peddle seems to have almost a sixth sense of what makes car sellers happy, and they work to deliver in those areas.

  • They resolve problems: Even if you have a beater or non-running car, Peddle will make you an offer, scheduling towing service if necessary. Have a title problem? Their experts are there to help.
  • They buy cars nationally: From Miami to Maine and from Savannah to San Francisco, sellers can get an instant offer from the network of Peddle car buyers.
  • Guaranteed offers: Peddle guarantees the offer as long as your vehicle is in the condition you described on your offer request form. Just don’t exaggerate the state of the car. Remember, you don’t need to “sell” it. If you are upfront, Peddle will be upfront, guaranteed.

Benefits of Using Peddle

A few of the most prominent benefits of using Peddle to sell your car online:

  • The fastest way to sell a car: Offers are instant from Peddle. It’s hard to imagine there could be a quicker way to turn that unwanted car into money.
  • The process is simple: By filling out a simple form from the convenience of your home, you can sell your car. They come to you to pick up the vehicle and make payment. They will even arrange for towing when necessary.
  • You are not obligated to accept the offer: With Peddle, you choose whether to accept the offer. You are free to turn it down and move on with life. Considering the fast and convenient process, with no ads to place and no test drives to schedule, we think you’ll see the value in most offers.

What Could Possibly Make Peddle Better?

No car-buying service is perfect for every car, including Peddle. Peddle focuses on customer service and convenience.

  • It may not be the best option for selling a high-value car: If you have a newer, low-mileage car in near-perfect condition, you can probably get a better deal by selling it to a different online car-buying service. The same is true for vintage or collectible cars.
  • Don’t expect total book value: Because they specialize in buying cars fast, offers can be slightly lower than expected. However, considering this the easiest and quickest way to sell, the convenience and speed can make it worthwhile.
  • They don’t pay “cash” for cars: While some car buying services promote “cash for cars,” few do. Peddle, like others, will pay you for your vehicle in a check. It is a safer, more documentable way to handle the transaction for all parties concerned.

My Endorsement

I can’t say Peddle will make the highest offer for your car, but when you have a less-than-perfect vehicle that may have a few dings or even a blown engine, they are a professional, convenient, and customer-focused way to turn that car into money.

The business model is based on convenience to the seller and buying cars quickly and easily. That is extremely valuable for many people who want to sell an unwanted vehicle.

  • Benefits: Sell your car quickly with no hassles. Offers are instant and guaranteed.
  • Advantages: Get an instant online offer, schedule a pick-up time window, and get a guaranteed check payment and towing if needed.
  • Features: Guaranteed offers (based on an accurate description), title assistance, towing arranged.
  • Limitations: It may not be the best way to sell a high-quality or expensive car.

Peddle FAQs

Peddle does not charge any fees.

Peddle buys vehicles in any condition:

  • Flood or water-damaged vehicles
  • Cars that don’t run
  • Wrecked vehicles
  • Any age of used cars
  • Old cars
  • Junk cars
  • Yard cars

No – there are not any fees associated with having a carrier pick up your vehicle.

If you submit accurate information, your Peddle offer price will stay the same. If there are any inconsistencies at the pickup time, Peddle will adjust the offer if the car value changes. If the carrier has already departed the pickup site, the firm may need to reschedule pickup if you accept the offer.

Upon pickup, the carrier will usually issue a check. This is for security reasons, although the carrier may be able to pay in cash after you accept the offer in some cases.

Checks are the most common method of payment.  However, a cash payment may be possible.

Peddle is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Peddle, on the other hand, has been certified since 2013.

Peddle Company Details

Company Name: Peddle
Phone: 1-855-574-9837
Location: Austin, Texas, U.S.

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