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MotorTrend Price Quote Review

MotorTrend free new car price quotes

MotorTrend price quotes service in brief:

  • Special discount internet pricing.
  • Simple interface, easy to request quotes.
  • Service is free & there's no obligation to buy.
  • One of the best kept secrets on the Internet.
  • Search new and used vehicles in your area.
  • Access Motor Trend car review information.
  • Search new and used cars at Motor Trend.

Motor Trend Free Price Quote Site Overview

The best way to buy a car these days is by going online. It saves time, gives you more choice, and helps you get a much better deal. Just about every dealership lists their inventory of new and used cars online, and they're happy to deal with you that way too. That takes away the awkwardness of negotiating face-to-face, (hardly anyone actually enjoys that,) and makes it easier for you to play one dealer against another.

There is a problem though. Tracking down every dealer who might have the car you want still takes time. Plus, it's easy to overlook those in cities further away than you might typically travel. That's where online car buying services such as MotorTrend come in. These aggregate the inventory of many different dealerships so you only need do one search. Then once you've found a car or cars you're interested it typically takes just a few clicks to reach out for quotes.

Online car buying tools do vary quite a bit so it pays to understand their strengths and limitations before you start clicking around. Here we'll review one of the best kept secrets on the Internet when it comes to free car quote services, the Motor Trend Price Quote Service.

Motor Trend Quote Service Review

The first thing to know is that this site is affiliated with MotorTrend Magazine. However, from the user's perspective there are no direct links between the two. Here we'll first explain how the quote service works, and then we'll cover the car search tools on the main MotorTrend website.

The service starts with a very clean and simple new car quote page. Just select new or used, (yes it will help you find used cars too,) and choose make and model. Add your zip code so they only show you relevant dealers, and click the big red, “Get My Quote” button.

This opens a second page with cars matching your criteria on the right and a box on the left for your contact details. Select the car you're interested in (or “all” if that's appropriate.) Fill in your contact details and then click, “Contact Me”. All you need do is sit back and wait for the information to start arriving in your inbox.

Using Motor Trend For Car Buying

The Motor Trend Price Quote Service is great if you know the vehicle you're interested in and what you want to pay. What it lacks are any tools to help you research the type of vehicle that might suit your lifestyle and budget. For those you can turn to the main MotorTrend site.

Here on the home page, immediately below their main story window, you'll find the MT Buyers Guide. This gives you three ways in to the car listings.

  • Select make, model, year and click “Go”
  • Select vehicle type, (convertible, wagon and so on.)
  • Select the little “see all” just to the right of “Find your next car.”

Take option 1 and you go into a Buyer's Guide for that particular vehicle. There's a summary description, notes on what they think of it and some photos, along with a couple of unusual yet helpful features. These are information on the warranty and safety scores, and an estimate of the 5-year cost of ownership.

Scroll further down the page and over on the right you'll see a “Free price quote” box. This asks you to enter the car information again, and then pops up a list of cars for sale. Look closely and you'll see the list is split into two parts. The top half just shows “featured” vehicles while below that you get a list of “standard” vehicles.

The lists come with a large set of filters, so you can specify year, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO,) trim, price range and so on. You can also sort the list by factors like distance and price. When you see a car you like the look of, clicking on it brings up more details. Over the right you'll also see a “Contact Seller” button which you use to … well that's pretty self-explanatory.

Option 2 for researching cars works slightly differently. This gives you list of every car of that type. So for example, click on “Wagon” and you'll get shortcuts to information on everything from a Mini Clubman to a Porsche Panamera.

Click one of those and you go into the Buyer's Guide. Select the particular year that's of interest and again, over to the right you get the “Free price quote” box.

Option 3 goes into the Buyer's Guide, but this time with options to search for a specific make, model and year or by body style or class. (“Class means compact, diesel, luxury and so on.) Again, use the “Free price quote” box to access listings of cars for sale.

What makes the MotorTrend Site Useful

If you've already done your research and know exactly what vehicle you want – new or used - the MotorTrend Car Price Quote Service is a great tool. Your request goes out to nearby dealers with just a few clicks. They email or call, perhaps for additional information or to give you pricing. From that point it's up to you how much you want to haggle.

As noted previously, the Car Price Quote Tool has no tools to help figure out what kind of vehicle you want or can afford. The upside is, it keeps the site very simple and ensures it loads quickly. If you want to do some research, the main Motor Trend site has the tools you need, and you can get quotes directly from the search results.

The other key features to note are that it's completely free to use and you're under no obligation to buy a car at all. If you don't like the prices you're quoted just look for something else.

Motor Trend Site Limitations

It's hard to see any major downsides of the Motor Trend Price Quote Service. It's quick, easy and it works. You can't search for CPO vehicles, (use the main MotorTrend site for that,) and another minor criticism might be that it doesn't search very far afield. That makes sense if you're after a mainstream vehicle like a Honda Accord or Ford Escape because there shouldn't be much need to look more than 30 or 40 miles distant. If however, you're after something a bit more exotic, say a Jaguar F-Type, well these are thin on the ground so you might find none listed.

As with using any other car buying tool, you should still test drive the vehicle you're interested in before making any commitment to buy. Just because the reviews are glowing it doesn't follow that you'll automatically like it.

If it's a used car that you're shopping for there is an additional point to consider: unless you're extremely knowledgeable an independent inspection is always a sensible precaution.

Requesting Free Price Quotes from MotorTrend

Requesting a free price quote on the MotorTrend Price Quotes website is fast and convenient. Once you've decided on the new or used car you would like to purchase or what it's selling for in your area, visit MotorTrend.

Enter the make and model of the vehicle, and your zip code. This helps MotorTrend find the exact vehicle you want at trusted dealerships in your local area. The next page will show you how many dealerships in your local area have the vehicle you want to buy. You will want to provide your contact information so they can send the requested information to you. No need to worry, it's 100% safe and secure.

MotorTrend free price quotes

You can choose only one dealer or several dealerships in your area. I highly recommend selecting as many dealers as possible. This will keep you from wasting time driving all over town from dealer to dealer and it will also let you know which dealers in your local area are currently not very flexible with their pricing.

Once you check off all the dealers you want a free price quote from, click the button that says "Contact Me." Now you just sit back and let MotorTrend do the rest. Depending on the time and day of your request price quotes should start rolling in within a few minutes. Keep in mind, some quotes may show up immediately and some dealers may take up to 48 hours to respond.

Why request price quotes from Motor Trend?

  • Easily compare prices from several local dealerships at once.
  • Internet volume pricing & discounts.
  • Simple, fast & easy to use.
  • Make dealers compete for your business online.
  • No haggling with frontline salespeople.
  • Shop from the comfort of home or work.
  • Deal with trusted MotorTrend dealers.

The more pricing information and research you can gather before actually visiting a dealership is always beneficial to you receiving the best deal on your next vehicle purchase.

Closing Thoughts About MotorTrend

Using the web is definitely the best way to find the car you want, whether new or used.

However, if you don't use a car buying service you'll likely find the process quite frustrating. Tools like the Motor Trend New Car Price Quote Service aim to connect you with a dealer who has the car you want in inventory.

What Motor Trend won't do though is help you negotiate the best price. However, as you can work with multiple dealers from the comfort of your home it's a simple job to explain why you think you should be offered a better price. Then, just set up the test drive and pretty soon you'll be driving home in your new ride.

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