Negotiate with Car Dealerships by Email

An extremely effective technique is to negotiate with car dealerships by email. It allows you to control the situation by having car dealers compete against each other, instead of with you. Negotiating by email can be done from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smart phone. Keeping your from having to drive from dealer to dealer spending hours haggling over price.

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Dealers know when you use an online price quote service you're shopping several dealerships and most likely looking for the one that's going to give you the best price. This forces them to aggressively discount the vehicle to you or risk losing your business to their competition.

The theory is once you receive your free quotes. You're suppose to pick the lowest one, go to the dealer, and drive away in your new car. This system works and it's a great way to avoid confrontation with front line salespeople and get a very good deal on a new car.

In this section I'll show you how to "tweak" the system and MAXIMIZE your advantage of getting a "very good deal" to getting an AWESOME DEAL!

Before Contacting a Car Dealer By Email

Before making contact with a car dealership by email you'll need a starting point for your negotiations. You can get this information by requesting free no-obligation price quotes from online new car listing companies. You'll want to get quotes from at least seven different dealerships. This will give you an idea of the popularity and demand of the vehicle you're considering and which dealers in your local area are more willing to negotiate. Read more on how free new car price quote sites work here.

The quotes you receive will also have an individual's contact information in case you have any questions about the vehicle. You will want to keep this information for later use.

Recommended New Car Shopping Sites

CarClearanceDeals has one of the largest new car dealership networks in the world. Select the make and model you're interested in and they will instantly search clearance pricing within your local area. Don't forget to select as many dealers as possible to increase your chances for the greatest discounts and savings.
Browse new car inventory at Car Clearance Deals here.

MotorTrend is one of the best kept secrets on the Internet. Best known for their automobile magazine, MotorTrend also has a vast dealer network across the nation. They're referral service is 100% free and there's no obligation to purchase. Just pick the vehicle you're interested in, select all your local dealers, and receive deep discount Internet pricing.
Search new car inventory at MotorTrend here

Edmunds is one of the oldest and best new car research and review sites on the internet. Their huge dealer network allows you to shop, research and compare millions of new cars so you can find the exact vehicle you're looking for.
Search new car inventory at Edmunds here

CarsDirect has been in business since 1998 and has all the right tools to help you find your next new car. They offer a no-hassle experience from configuring a car to making the final purchase. You'll find your next car quickly and easily.
Browse and price new cars at CarsDirect here

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How New Car Price Sites are Suppose to Work

The general idea behind online automotive price quote sites is for you to submit a request for a quote, pick the lowest one, and go to the referred dealer and buy your new car. 90% of the time when you receive a discounted price quote from CarClearanceDeals, MotorTrend, Edmunds and CarsDirec it's a pretty good deal and the customer settles to buy the car at the price quoted.

However you're not looking for a fair price this time...You're looking for an AWESOME PRICE!

Negotiate By Email to Get a Better New Car Price

The following email technique works, I've personally seen this and many variations of the following come through my dealership's internet department. The dealer is backed into a corner and the only way out is by discounting the car's price or bowing out. Feel free to copy and paste the following letters for your own personal use, make sure you change the names of course.

Although you put "contact preference - email" when submitting your quote requests, some dealers may still call you, don't worry; they're just trying to get you to come to their dealership first. If you're not comfortable talking to salespeople on the phone, answer the car and tell them, "you would prefer to correspond through email only." Politely ask them to respect your wishes and send you an email. The last thing they want to do is lose you as a sale because of a phone call.

Use this Car Payment Estimator to calculate the payment on your next vehicle.

Visit my section on how to calculate a fair profit new car offer to compare the quotes you receive with the new car offer you've figured. This will give you an idea of how much room there's left to negotiate on the vehicle your considering.

At this point, you've already received your new car price quotes from at least seven different dealerships. If you haven't done so, use CarClearanceDeals and CarsDirect and get them now. Weed through the quotes, placing duplicates or bad quotes to the side. Once you have them narrowed down, we can get started.

You may or may not get a call from a dealer as I stated above, if you're not comfortable speaking with them on the phone politely tell them, "you prefer to do business by email and will not do business with them unless they respect your wishes." Most of the time the dealer will contact you by email, there may be a short letter that accompanies the quote that looks something like this:

Example Email From Dealership

Mr./Mrs. Car Buyer,

You've made an excellent choice of vehicle, we can't keep these cars in stock. I understand you're an educated shopper by using this online service, you must see that $XXXXX.XX is an outstanding price and I'm sure you want to take advantage of it immediately.

I would like discuss with you some of our great financing programs and extended warranty options available for this vehicle also.

When would you like to come in, finish up the paperwork and take delivery of your new car?".

Thank you,
Internet Manager

No matter what the quote was, you're going for a better deal. You should always respond to this call or email the exact same way as below. (cut and paste if you'd like):

Car Dealership Email Template #1

[Insert Internet Manager's Name]

Although I thank you for your quote on the [enter year, make, model] and I'd really like to buy the car from you. Your quote of [$XX,XXX.XX] takes you out of the race.

I'm sure your Customer Satisfaction Index Survey is important to you and I'm prepared to give a 100% score to whomever I buy my next new vehicle from.

I would also like to mention that I'll be servicing my vehicle at the same facility that I purchase from.

If you'd like to submit another quote today, I'd consider it.

Yours Truly,
Mr./Mrs. Car Buyer
[Your e-mail address]

Send the above email to every dealer that sent you a competitive quote. If you don't receive an initial contact letter from a dealer, be proactive, find the email contact on the quote and send the above letter to them. Believe me, they want your business and you're setting yourself up for another round of price quotes with even deeper discounts than before.

You will continue doing this until all the dealers stop responding. Once they stop, you'll know you've received their rock bottom price.

Dealer's Insisting You Come In

Some dealer's will try and close you on the phone by asking you, "What price will it take to get you to come and buy the car from them today?" Be careful with this, the salesperson is trying to get you emotionally charged. You don't want to make a mistake and leave a bunch of money on the table.

Just be polite and tell them you're unsure at this time, because you're still taking bids from several dealerships in the area. If they'd like to send you another bid through email, it's up to them.

Some dealers may try to overcome your resistance by stating there's no way a different car dealer has quoted you a lower price and insist you show them proof. If this is the case, send the following email.

Car Dealership Email Template #2

[Insert Internet Manager's Name]

By what you've stated, I am satisfied with the price the other dealer has quoted me. Put yourself in my shoes. If I give you the other dealer's quote, you'll just cut it by $50-$100 and then I'll have to go back and check with him and he'll cut your price by a few $100 and then it will turn into a back and forth nightmare for me.

I would also like to let you know that I'm prepared to give you a 100% score on your Customer Satisfaction Index Survey and I will also be servicing my vehicle at your facility.

All I know is if you'd like to send me another quote, I will definitely
look at it. It's up to you.

Yours Truly,
Mr./Mrs. Car Buyer
[Your e-mail address]

[OPTIONAL] After you've received your lowest price quote and the dealers and the dealers have stopped responding. You can "go-for-broke" with the below letter at an attempt for one last discount.

Car Dealership Email Bonus Template

[Insert Internet Manager's Name]

I've narrowed my car buying decision down to just you and one other dealer. Although your prices are very close, I'm prepared to buy the car from you if you will throw in [window tint], in writing, at no cost to me.

Yours Truly,
Mr./Mrs. Car Buyer
[Your e-mail address]

Personally, I'd only ask for something inexpensive like, window tint, pinstripe, floor mats, locking lug nuts, cargo mat, etc. You may or may not get it, but if you don't ask, you won't receive. These items are fairly cheap for a car dealership and they're commonly used to push a car buyer over that's sitting on the fence.

You'll either get another quote from the dealer or you won't. If you don't get another quote, you'll know the dealer gave you their best price in the previous email. Again, a dealer WANTS to sell you a car.

Last car dealer that responds with the lowest bid wins! Give yourself a huge pat on the back, you just negotiated an OUTSTANDING price. However, now is not the time to let your guard down. There's still many ways a car dealer can take advantage of you.

Now that you have a price, your next step is to protect yourself from finance scams by getting a pre-approved car loan first. Read my section on low interest car loans here.

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Recommended Sites for Online New Car Shopping

CarClearanceDeals and CarsDirect are the quickest way to compare new car prices in your local area. These online sites will provide you with free, no-obligation price quotes and the discounts you receive will give you confidence on your next new car purchase. Walk away from the dealership knowing you received a good deal, not hoping you did.

Car Clearance Deals new car price quotes

Did You Know?

All dealers must pay the same price for a new car when they buy it from the manufacturer.

A dealer in California will pay the same price a dealer in New York. It's up to the individual dealership and its staff to decide on how much they will discount the price of the vehicle.

Contacting several dealerships in your local area will let you know which dealers are more flexible in discounting the vehicle you're considering.

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