Ford F250 pickup

20 Cars That Will Make It Past 200,000 Miles

Automakers are making better quality vehicles than just a few years ago. Many new and used cars are easily making it well over 100,000 miles and there are more and more vehicles, with proper maintenance, making it past the 200,000 mile mark.

If you’re going to buy a car or truck and you’re the type of person that drives a vehicle until the wheels fall off. You’ll want to know the vehicle you purchase isn’t going to have any mechanical break downs after a few thousand miles.

iSeeCars, a website dedicated to help used car buyers research, compare and find great deals on used cars, analyzed over 30 million used vehicle listings from the past year to determine which used cars and trucks are most likely to pass the 200,000 mile mark

If you want to surpass 200,000 miles with a car, your best chance to do so is with the Honda Accord. However, the number one vehicle to consistently cross the milestone is the Ford F-250, with the Chevy Silverado 2500HD close behind. If you’re wanting a SUV, the Chevy Suburban will get you there and a little more.

The top three vehicles on the list are all big, heavy vehicles. As we know the direction of the manufacturer’s is to make trucks lighter and more fuel efficient. Only the future will tell us if changing the way construction material of these vehicles will shorten their life span. But for now, if you want to increase your chances of going the distance with a reliable vehicle, big and heavy is the way you should go.

It’s not practical for everyone to drive a big heavy Ford F-250 for everyday use. The iSeeCars experts dug a little deeper into their data and looked at what percentage of each model of car has 200k miles on it. So if looking at the chart below, 3.6% of the Chevrolet Suburban’s listed for sale have already been driven more than 200,000 miles and are still going.

Top 20 Longest Lasting Cars (All)

Rank Make & Model % of Cars Over 200,000 Miles
1 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4.2%
2 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 3.6%
3 Chevrolet Suburban 3.6%
4 Toyota 4 Runner 3.5%
5 Ford Expedition 3.0%
6 GMC Sierra 2500HD 2.7%
7 Chevrolet Tahoe 2.1%
8 GMC Yukon XL 1.9%
9 Toyota Sequoia 1.7%
10 GMC Sierra 1500 1.6%
11 GMC Yukon 1.6%
12 Honda Accord 1.6%
13 Dodge Durango 1.5%
14 Subaru Legacy 1.5%
15 Toyota Tacoma 1.5%
16 Toyota Avalon 1.5%
17 Ford Explorer 1.4%
18 Ford F-150 1.4%
19 Lincoln Navigator 1.4%
20 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 1.4%

Longest Lasting Cars (Excluding Trucks)

Rank Make & Model % of Cars Over 200,000 Miles
1 Chevy Suburban 3.6%
2 Toyota 4Runner 3.5%
3 Ford Expedition 3.0%
4 Chevrolet Tahoe 2.1%
5 GMC Yukon XL 1.9%
6 Toyota Sequoia 1.7%
7 GMC Yukon 1.6%
8 Honda Accord 1.6%
9 Dodge Durango 1.5%
10 Subaru Legacy 1.5%

Longest Lasting Cars (Excluding Trucks and SUVs)

Rank Make & Model % of Cars Over 200,000 Miles
1 Honda Accord 1.6%
2 Subaru Legacy 1.5%
3 Toyota Avalon 1.5%
4 Honda Odyssey 1.2%
5 Nissan Maxima 1.1%
6 Toyota Camry 1.1%
7 Ford Taurus 1.0%
8 Honda Civic 1.0%
9 Acura TL 1.0%
10 Subaru Outback 0.8%

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