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Ryde Shopper Review

Ryde Shopper free new car price quotes

Ryde Shopper Benefits:

  • Free no-obligation price quotes.
  • Compare up to 5 dealer prices at once.
  • Most quotes are under dealer invoice.
  • See which local dealers offer the best price.
  • Avoid haggling high pressure salesman.
  • Shop and compare from your computer.
  • When dealers compete - YOU WIN!
  • Search Vehicles at Ryde Shopper.

Car Shopping Made Even Easier

Internet car shopping is a big improvement on the old way of finding yourself a new car, although it's far from perfect. You don't need to trudge around car lots any more but it's still difficult to find the right car at the right price. That's where websites like Ryde Shopper come in.

These car buying websites aim to connect you with dealers who have the type of vehicle you're looking for. They show you pricing so you can see who's offering the best deal and provide an introduction to the dealership. The goal is to save you time and effort. There are differences in how the sites work though, with some providing a more comprehensive, and complicated, service than others. That's why you should understand the details before starting your search.

Ryde Shopper Review

The website is Ryde Shopper aims to simplify car buying, and to that end they've designed a web interface that's clean and easy to use. (And notice that it's not Ryde Shopper: there are no spaces between the words.)

Here I'll explain how their process works. I'll highlight some interesting or relevant features and note what you might consider drawbacks or limitations.

The Ryde Shopper Process

Their goal is to match potential car buyers with dealers who have the particular make, model and year of vehicle the buyer is looking for. To keep things simple for you and competitive for the dealers, they'll match you with up to five dealerships in your local area. That means you don't have a long list to scroll through and you're not being told about vehicles hundreds of miles away.

Ryde Shopper search function is right on the home page. Start by checking the box to show whether you want a new or a used vehicle, and then select make and model from the pulldown menus. There's no need to worry about trim level or equipment at this stage; that comes later. Then enter your zip code, (so they can find local dealers,) and hit the big red “Go!” button.

This pops open a window asking for your contact details. To the left there'll be a picture of the car you're inquiring about and a pulldown box to select the trim. To the right is a list of dealers with that kind of vehicle in stock. If one of those is a favorite for some reason you could just choose to see cars they have in inventory, otherwise check the “Select All Dealers” box (the goal is to gather as much pricing information as you can). Now you're ready to click the big red, “Get Best Prices” button.

This takes you to a page showing available cars. There'll be a photo plus the mileage, price and VIN (which is useful if you want to price insurance or run a vehicle history check.) Once you're ready for a quote, click through to the dealerships. Once you do, you can start looking at the actual vehicles on the dealers websites. Also, remember to check your email for a friendly message from Ryde Shopper.

You'll notice that the results page also displays other car makes and models. These are related vehicles that the Ryde Shopper website thinks you might be interested in. Is it a useful feature? Perhaps, if you're not entirely sure what car you want to buy.

Ryde Shopper Benefits

With an absolute minimum number of key strokes needed, Ryde Shopper is really easy to use. It's also great that it only connects you with car dealers who are relatively nearby. (No 'seeing a great deal but then realizing it's the other side of the country'.)

As with any good car buying website, the service is free to use, and you can search as often as you like for as many cars as you want. And for anyone who's shopping generally rather than hunting for a specific make and model, showing alternative vehicles is a helpful feature.

Limitations of the Ryde Shopper Website

Ryde Shopper keeps it simple by focusing on finding you the best prices in your local area. You will not find a lot of car reviews, ranking and best of reports on their website. Keeping the process simple also means the site lacks a few features or functions some car buyers might find useful. Chief among these are the following:

  • No tool or guidance to help you decide what car might suit you best. You'll need to look elsewhere for reviews or buying guides.
  • Less common cars might be further away and so won't show up. For example, if you want a gently used very specific Jaguar XE you might need to look further afield.

Requesting Free Price Quotes from Ryde Shopper

Requesting a free price quote on the Ryde Shopper website is fast and convenient. Once you've decided on the new or used car you would like to purchase or what it's selling for in your area, visit RydeShopper.

Enter the make and model of the vehicle, and your zip code. This helps Ryde Shopper find the exact vehicle you want at trusted dealerships in your local area. The next page will show you how many dealerships in your local area have the vehicle you want to buy. You will need to provide your contact information so they can send the requested information to you.

Ryde Shopper free price quotes

You can choose only one dealer or several dealerships in your area. I would suggest selecting as many options as provided to you. This will keep you from having to waste time driving all over town from dealer to dealer and it will also let you know which dealers in your local area are currently more flexible in their pricing.

Once you check off all the dealers you want a free price quote from, click the button that says "Get Best Prices."

Now you just sit back and let Ryde Shopper do the rest. Depending on the day and time of your request price quotes should start rolling in. Keep in mind, some quotes may show up immediately and some dealers may take up to 48 hours to respond.

Why request price quotes from Ryde Shopper?

  • Easily compare prices from several dealerships at once.
  • Internet volume pricing & discounts.
  • Make dealers compete for your business online.
  • No haggling with frontline salespeople.
  • Shop from the comfort of home or work.
  • Deal with Ryde Shopper trusted dealers.

The more pricing information and research you can gather before actually visiting a dealership is always beneficial to you receiving the best deal on your next vehicle purchase.

Closing Thoughts on Ryde Shopper

Whether you're looking for a new new car or a used car that's new to you, a car buying website can be a great help. They'll save you from walking round car lots and haggling face-to-face with car salespeople. And the big plus is, you should get a better deal. (That's because internet sales are actually easier for dealerships to handle than the old negotiating methods.)

Ryde Shopper works well as a way to quickly get quotes on a vehicle you're interested in. However, it is somewhat limited in the search options provided. Also, it may not help you find that unusual vehicle you've always dreamed of driving.

Last, there are a couple of points to bear in mind. First, always take a close look at a vehicle before actually agreeing to buy it. For used cars in particular an inspection is almost always a wise precaution. Second, schedule a test drive. A car dealer is under no obligation to take back a car just because you don't like it, so make sure you can live with it before signing on the dotted line.

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Competition between dealers is the best way to ensure you get the best price. You win when dealers compete!

Did You Know?

Several factors affect a dealer's new car cost. Some of these include:

  • Dealer Holdback
  • Factory to Dealer Incentives
  • Customer Rebates
  • Special Programs
  • Cash Back

All of these should be taken into consideration when figuring a dealer's true new car cost to make sure you pay the cheapest price possible for your next new car.

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