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LightStream Review

LightStream Review

LightStream Review


Get pre-approved online before buying a car.

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LightStream promises the lowest rates ever. This means significant savings on loan rates including automobile loans. LightStream can offer lower rates than most  “brick-and-mortar” lender programs and even most other lending institutions.

Lower your rate and get pre-approved for car loans

Knowing your interest rate ahead of time and getting pre-approved for a car loan can improve your negotiating position, allowing you to by a more expensive car and ensure you can afford a vehicle. LightStream is the modern way to get the lowest rate online quickly.

  • Know your interest rate before you buy. LightStream gives you the advantage of knowing ahead of time what your interest and payment will be.
  • Shop with confidence. Whether buying a car online or in-person, knowing you are pre-approved and to what level allows you to shop for you next car with confidence.
  • Upgrade your car buying expectations. Lower interest rates means you may be able to afford more car than you thought possible. LightStream allows you to get the best vehicle you can afford.

Qualify before you buy

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Shopping for a car before you get qualified for an auto loan can create disappointment and even embarrassment.

It can be very demoralizing to be told you don’t qualify to buy a car you really want or payments will be beyond your budget. LightStream takes care of this issue before going to a dealer or shopping online.

  • Your best loan ever, guaranteed. LightStream promises low rates and great service. They even guarantee your best loan ever. That feels pretty good.
  • It is easy to find your rate. Answer a few questions. Tell them about you, the purpose of the loan, how long you want payments to be spread out and get your rate. It’s not complicated.
  • Save more with Auto-Pay. Get an even better rate when you agree to pay for your loan through Auto-Pay. It is an additional way to save even more while adding convenience.

Save on you auto loan

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Know your rate and payment before shopping for your next car

LightStream offers a variety of features that can build your confidence before car shopping. These features make it quick and easy to get a rate and discover payments ahead of time. Getting pre-approved is empowering whether you are buying new or used.

  • Non-invasive online process. Do it all online from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to sit in front of another human to be judged about your credit worthiness.
  • Get exceptional rates. LightStream is building their reputation for saving people significantly on all types of loans. This includes automobile loans that are more than competitive.
  • Customer service that goes above and beyond. Have questions? Get stuck in the process? LightStream is an online platform with superior customer service you’ll appreciate.

Exceptional customer service

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Is LightStream just too good to be true?

An online auto lender that allows you to apply and secure a loan with funds deposited into your account sometimes as quickly as a day? There are moments when you may think this is just too good to be true. This is a superb way to get an affordable car loan but there are some things that could make it better.

  • No specific car buying tools. LightStream is a lender that offers a variety of loans ranging from consolidation loans to mortgages. You won’t find many car buying tools here. You’ll need to find them elsewhere.
  • You are getting a loan through a bank. LightStream is a great name and provides an excellent resource. Ultimately, however, you are still dealing with SunTrust Bank. Just because it is a “division” of SunTrust Bank, that shouldn’t necessarily dissuade you from seeing what rate you qualify for.
  • Be ready to share personal information. Look, if you want a significant loan at terrific rates, expect to have to let the lender know your details. It still is easier than looking across a desk at a human.

Guaranteed best loan experience

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  • Negotiate with confidence:  Purchase your next car knowing your rate and loan and payment limits. This empowers buyers.
  • Get money fast:  With LightStream you will know how much you qualify for quickly. Money can be in your account within a day. There are no lengthy bank loan waiting periods. Click, apply, and buy!
  • Secure the best rate possible:  Reduce the interest rate you pay by applying online and using the Auto-Pay repayment option.

Easily Apply Online!

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Is there anything worse than researching the perfect car and negotiating a deal only to find out you don’t qualify for a loan? Worse yet, is finding out you may need to pay three or four times as much in interest than others due to less than perfect credit. This is why we love LightStream. Buying a car shouldn’t be humiliating or embarrassing. LightStream allows you to get pre-approved before you buy your next car.

  • Benefits: A non-invasive online process that is easy to use and gets a prompt response.
  • Advantages: Low rates, superior customer service, puts you more in control of negotiating.
  • Features: Guarantees the best loan experience, Auto-Pay discounts, quick access to cash.
  • Limitations: Limited car buying tools, still working through a bank, must give up personal info.