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Esurance Review

Esurance Review

Esurance Review


Get a no obligation, quick & easy FREE Insurance Quote

Esurance free online auto insurance quotes.

Check insurance rates before buying a vehicle. Esurance gives you the opportunity to get auto insurance rates easily from the comfort of your own home. You’ll save time, save money and can prevent costly insurance surprises after buying a car.

The simple, transparent and affordable way to get auto insurance

It is important to know the impact your next car will have on your car insurance rates. Esurance allows you to easily and quickly get an online quote to limit negative surprises.

  • Know your rate before you buy. You’ve worked hard to get a good price on a car. Don’t waste those savings paying too much for auto insurance.
  • Compare rates easily by filling out a single form. No filling out tons of paperwork or making lots of phone calls. Just fill out one form to get multiple rates to compare.
  • Only pay for the insurance you need. No one will try to “sell” coverage you don’t need or want. Choose the policy you can afford. It’s a no-hassle way to get coverage.

Compare before you buy

Get free auto insurance quotes online from esurance.

Buying insurance is rarely painless, but Esurance makes it as simple as possible.

This is an online platform where after filling out one form, you can get multiple car insurance quotes. You decide on the coverage you need and the premium that fits your budget. It makes the process uncomplicated and delivers quotes quickly.

  • Know before you buy a car. Get an insurance quote on vehicles you are considering buying before committing to a purchase. Avoid nasty surprises after the fact.
  • Compare side by side. It is easy to compare coverage and prices. You choose the policy you feel is best for you. Lock in your coverage right online.
  • Provides valuable tools. Get valuable tools like the Esurance mobile app, DriveSense mobile app, Coverage Counselor, and have access to photo claim service.

Don’t over-pay for insurance

Get free auto insurance quotes online from esurance.

Full-service features from an online vendor

Esurance offers a simple, quick way to get car insurance quotes online. This is valuable to use before buying a car to check rates and even for comparing your current insurance. The Esurance website is full of tools and features that make the process simple.

  • Easy online process. Esurance makes getting multiple automobile insurance quotes as easy as possible. Within minutes, you can begin comparing.
  • Use the Coverage Counselor. This Esurance tool helps you find the affordable coverage that is right for you and your budget. This can prevent overpaying for insurance.
  • Compare plans side by side. You are in control. You compare the quotes and choose the plan best for you.

Convenient, useful apps

Get free auto insurance quotes online from esurance.

Where does Esurance fall short?

Esurance does what it says it will do and has been doing so since 1999. That doesn’t mean it is without limitations or concerns. Here are a few.

  • They are a part of the “Allstate Family”. This isn’t necessarily a negative, but they seem to position themselves as an independent company. Discovering this tidbit isn’t easy.
  • Quotes are not “instant”. The Esurance website itself says average quote time is over six minutes. While that is understandable, don’t expect instant. It is still less complex than other ways to compare rates.
  • You have to provide your personal information. To get an accurate auto insurance quote, they need to know who you are to learn about your driving record, where you live, credit rating etc. To be fair this is the same information you would have to supply any provider to get a precise quote.

Get quotes in minutes

Get free auto insurance quotes online from esurance.


  • Get multiple quotes from the comforts of home:  Filling out an Esurance quote request provides quotes from several companies.
  • Prevent overpaying:  Know what a car will cost to insure before you purchase it. This can prevent overpaying.
  • Compare policies side by side:  You compare, you make the final decision. Just pay for what you want and need.

Get Your Quotes Today!

Get free auto insurance quotes online from esurance.


Too many people make the mistake of buying a car before checking auto insurance rates. This can lead to some purchasing a vehicle that is too expensive for them to insure. Esurance prevents this by providing a way to compare rates ahead of time. It also serves as a terrific way just to compare auto insurance rates even if you already own your car.

  • Benefits: An easier, quicker way to get insurance quotes, provides multiple quotes, prevents overpayments.
  • Advantages: Compare policies side by side, know rates before you buy a car, offers valuable tools.
  • Features: Coverage Counselor helps you buy only what you need, lock in coverage online, useful apps.
  • Limitations: Quotes are quick but not “instant”, personal information required to get accurate quotes, not independent.