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New Car Price Quote Service Reviews

Reviews of the best car buying websites online.

During my experience as a car dealer, I've seen many different online price quote services come and go. The companies I've reviewed below are the ones that I've personally done business with as a car dealer, used personally, and have referred many friends and family too also.

My car buying guide has referred thousands of readers to these companies over the years and has received tons of feedback to confirm these are the best online new car price quote services to use when when researching, shopping and requesting free online new car price quotes.

These online automotive research and review services have made it through the years with honesty, integrity, current reliable information, and outstanding customer service. They have not had to succumb to the use of gimmicks or tricks to gain popularity amongst the internet community. I constantly receive positive feedback from visitors on the success they've had using these services.

There are several new car price quoting services online. Many of these companies are set up to "shotgun" your information to as many different dealerships as possible, in hopes they will respond back to you. I have reviewed many of these online companies for you and provided you with the most trusted new car price quote services on the Internet below.

Best Free New Car Price Quote Site Reviews

Get a free new car price quote from Car Clearance Deals

Car Clearance Deals makes it easy to search clearance pricing on new and used cars. This site has streamlined the car buying process and made it very easy for the consumer to find the best price on any vehicle within their local area.

Their focus is more on bringing you the lowest possible price instead of a lot of the other infomation that will distract you from your current goal, "Buying a car at the lowest possible price."

All you have to do is enter in the desired vehicle's information. Tell them a little about yourself, and then Car Clearance Deals will provide you with pricing from up to 5 verified dealers. An insider tip when using their site is to make sure you select all the dealers provided. This will give you more leverage as more dealers will be competing for your business. Read full Car Clearance Deals Review here.

Get a free new car price quote from Edmunds

Edmunds was launched in 1995 as the first automobile research and review informational website. Edmunds not only allows you to get anything you ever wanted to know about a vehicle. They also allow you to get free discounted new car price quotes from their well established dealer network without the hassle and haggling of dealing with front line salespeople.

The Edmunds website is well put together and very easy to navigate through the wealth of information they've provided on new and used cars. You can compare cars, get current factory to dealer incentive and customer rebate information as well as the towing capacity of new trucks all in one spot.

A couple of the services Edmunds provides that stands them apart from others is their True Market Value® and True Cost to Own® sections. The True Market Value® section shows you what others in your area are paying for the exact same car you're looking to buy. Read full Edmunds Review here.

Get a free new car price quote from Cars Direct

Cars Direct is a Los Angeles based, leading multi-brand online car buying service. Since 1998, CarsDirect has been providing new car, used car, and auto finance related services and information to car buyers online.

Pioneering direct online car buying, CarsDirect has become the leading choice of online car buyers who demand selection, objectivity, and discounted upfront pricing. And for dealers who want to leverage the Internet for incremental, cost effective, sales, and revenue.

CarsDirect has been recognized by winning numerous awards, including the "Top 100 Classic Website" by PC Magazine. They've also won the "Top Site for Buying or Selling Anything" by PC World and "50 Best" websites in the world by Time Magazine.

CarsDirect also has a huge network of dealers across the Nation. They can provide you with discounted pricing on any brand of vehicle you are looking for the information on. Changing their corporate name to Internet Brands in 2005. CarsDirect became a diversified, multi-vertical company. On November 16, 2007, under the ticker symbol INET; Internet Brands became a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. CarsDirect has operates as the flagship of the Internet Brands automotive division. Read full CarsDirect Review here.

Basics of Online New Car Price Services

Online services that provide you with discount Internet price quotes such as CarClearanceDeals, CarsDirect, and Automotive have been around of over a decade. These automotive research and review web sites have huge networks of car dealers that have partnered with them over the years.

This allows car buyers like you, to submit a request for free new car price quotes without the worry of any tricks or scams. The dealers within their networks will provide you with a discounted price quote on the vehicle you've requested. Once you decide on a vehicle through one of these companies and received your quote. You will bypass the high-pressure front line salesperson at the dealership and be dealing only with the Internet manager.

Why Use an Online Price Quote Service?

Smart car buyers have been using online new car price quote companies for years. Using these companies allows you to receive hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in discounts off your new car purchase before ever stepping into a car dealership.

This little known secret is not used by everyone which is actually a good thing. You need uneducated car buyers to walk into car dealerships and blindly buy cars so you can use online services to get deeper discounts. If everyone used online price quote services the discounts would not be as deep.

Submitting your requests through these companies is your first step in receiving Internet pricing on your next new car purchase. After requesting your quote, some will show up immediately and some may take up to 72 hours or more depending on the volume and response time of your local dealerships.

Most dealerships have fine-tuned their internet response process and will get a quote to you within the first 24 hours. They understand they must respond to your request as soon as possible or risk losing the sale. The dealer members of these companies will be sending you information on the vehicle you requested, such as discount pricing and who to contact at the dealership.

Each price quote service is different and will send you different quotes. You want to send a request through each company so you can compare to find the best price. Don't make a $1,000 mistake by paying too much for a car because you didn't take 5 minutes to get a quote from another company.

Popular, high demand, or hard to get vehicles may have very little discount or no discount at all and that's OK. These services are truly free to you and you will not be out of pocket any money. It's better to know if a dealer is not discounting a certain vehicle upfront before arriving at a dealership and wasting your time. You can read more about how online new car price quote services make money and other truths in our section how online new car price services work.

In Conclusion

Using any of the above online discount new car price quote services will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on the next car you buy. Using these companies in conjunction will give you more quotes for you to compare.

Read my section on how to get car dealers to compete online to learn how to use these free online services to guarantee you pay the lowest price for your next new car, truck, minivan, or SUV. You can also use your free online new car price quotes to compare the prices sent to you with your fair profit new car offer you calculated to make sure you're not paying too much.

Your trust and my integrity are important. I will only recommend the best quality automotive research and review websites that provide you with the highest customer service and benefits. The only way for to get better is to hear from you. Please send us your feedback after using the above companies by sending us an email about your car buying success story.

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Get a free new car price quote from Car Clearance Deals
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