Car buying insider sharing his car buying secrets.

Secrets. Tips. Strategies.

Secrets. Tips. Strategies.

Secrets. Tips. Strategies.

Insider car buying guides from a dealership professional.

Would you like to buy a car, but worry about paying too much or being ripped off by a dealer? If you’re like most people, you don’t want to spend hours in a dealership haggling with a car salesman, but still want to get the best possible price and walk away confident you received a great deal. My free online car buying guides will show you how easy it is to accomplish that goal.

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Find the best new car prices & discounts in your local area.

New car buying

The excitement of getting a brand new car is great, but for many the buying process can be daunting. Follow these steps to prepare yourself.

New car buyer’s guide

Buying used cars

Buying a used car instead of a new car has its advantages.  You can get a lot more vehicle just one or two years old for a lot less money.

Used car buyer’s guide

First car

The dream of owning your first car makes it easy to forget all the other responsibilities that come with first time car ownership.

First time car buyer’s guide


Trading in your car with a dealership won’t get you the highest price — but it could save you time and hassle.  Follow these tips to help navigate the process.

Trade-in guide

Auto finance

Securing an auto loan can be hassle-free when you know what to expect.  Follow these steps to ensure a great deal.

Auto finance guide

Extended warranty

Buying a new or used car, you’re probably going to be offered an extended warranty (aka service contract).  Know how to avoid paying too much.

Extended auto warranty buyer’s guide

Car insurance

Shopping for auto insurance? Read about key factors and must-know information in our car insurance buying guide to make an informed choice.

Car insurance tips and advice

What's Your Trade Worth?

Take the guesswork out of trading your car.