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Most car buyers end up shopping for car insurance after they've already bought a car. This is one of the biggest mistakes car buyers make and end up costing them more money than they budgeted up front.

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Once you have a general idea of the car you would like to buy, you should then shop for insurance rates.

The law requires full coverage car insurance if you're financing a new or used car through a bank, lender, or finance institution. If you don't check first, you could end up paying a higher monthly payment for insurance then you're actually paying for your vehicle.

In our car insurance section, We go over different types of insurance coverage, myths, company reviews, and how to get free, no-obligation car insurance quotes online.

Benefits of Car Insurance Shopping Online

Depending on your past driving record and the car you're wanting to buy, the short answer is, "car insurance can be very expensive," especially when it comes to buying a brand new car.

The Internet makes it easy for you to comparison shop car insurance rates so you can choose the absolute best coverage for you and receive it at the lowest possible price available.

Benefits of shopping online include:

Car Insurance Buying Tip - Most consumers will find some benefit from shopping for car insurance using the Internet, whether it's peace-of-mind from low-pressure shopping or saving a few dollars off their policy premiums. With online insurance companies providing you the opportunity to get free no-obligation rate quotes you have nothing to lose, it's definitely worth the time to at least check out.

If You Don't Have Insurance Coverage or Let it Lapse

You don't want to be caught driving without auto insurance, it is illegal and most states have very hefty penalties. Many insurance companies will not provide you with insurance coverage if you're not currently insured.

Be cautious of fly-by-night companies offering cheap policies from unrated insurance carriers. These companies may not be in business if you ever need to file a claim. It's well worth paying a little more to go with a well known carrier and the peace of mind if something ever happens you'll be covered.

There are only a few well-known companies such as Liberty Mutual that will provide you with a free, no-obligation rate quote and consider providing you insurance coverage if you're not currently insured.

Does Credit History Affect Auto Insurance Rates?

Not only does your credit history affect the interest rate you will pay for a car loan, it will affect the price you pay for auto insurance also.

Everyday more and more car insurance companies are taking into consideration your personal credit history and score when you purchase, renew or change your auto insurance policy. Insurance companies have found a direct correlation to people with bad credit tend to also carry a higher insurance risk by filing more claims on their insurance policies.

This can also be a very good reason to shop car insurance rates to find a better deal. If you have some bumps in your credit history when you last purchased car insurance and your credit history has since improved, it's time to explore your options. An insurance company is not going to call and offer you a discount once your credit history improves. Knowing and maintaining what's on your credit reports is a positive thing and will help you throughout your life.

Shop Auto Insurance Rates Often

Insurance companies are aware most people will purchase coverage and then forget about it. This is not a good habit to have.

Policies and plans update roughly about every six months. You should shop insurance rates about every 6 months especially if you have a clean driving record. You may be due a discount or qualify for a cheaper rate for the same or better insurance coverage.

Online Auto Insurance Companies We Recommend

The companies we recommend are leaders in the industry. They'll provide you with free quotes so you can review and compare prices and make a good buying decision.

Make sure you provide them with accurate information and you will want to enter the same information to each separate company. The goal is to get price quotes from each company on the same type of coverage. You also want to be honest with them. Don't think you can "forget" about a speeding ticket you received a few months ago. They will find out and possibly raise your rate or cancel you altogether.

Recommended Online Car Insurance Sites

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Liberty Mutual has been around since 1912. They help consumers protect and preserve what they've earned, own, built and cherish. Keeping their promise when your in need means Liberty Mutual will be there when you need them most.

Visit Liberty Mutual Here >>

get insurance quote from esurance |

Esurance is there when you need them. Rated with A.M Best as an A+ business, esurance will provide you with an auto insurance quote, not someone sorta like you. You fill out one form and they'll search several companies to find the best coverage for your driving needs.

Visit Esurance Here >>

Click here for my full auto insurance company reviews >>

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My Recommended Auto Insurance Sites

Libery Mutual and esurance are the quickest way to see what insurance coverage will cost you on the vehicle you want to buy. These online sites will provide you with free, no-obligation quotes and the prices are normally pretty good. You can also use these quotes to negotiate an even better price with a dealership.

Car Clearance Deals new car price quotes

Did You Know?

Inquire with your insurance company about "diminished value reimbusement" if your vehicle has been repaired after an accident.

You should not have to pay as much for coverage because your vehicle will be worth less than it was before the accident.

This coverage is not available in all states.

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