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Why are used cars so expensive right now?

Why Are Used Cars So Expensive Right Now?

Prices for used cars have rose dramatically through 2020 and 2021. Auto Cheat Sheet explains why and offers advice for potential car buyers.
MSRP explained in layman's terms.

An Inside Look at What MSRP Really Means

MSRP is often referenced yet rarely explained. Every car buyer should have a firm understanding of MSRP before shopping for a new automobile.
The Nissan Quest is one of the top 10 used minivans you can buy under $5000

Top 10 Used Minivans You Can Buy Under $5000

If you're in need of a people mover but don't have a lot of money, check out our list of the top ten minivans priced under $5,000.
The Ford Lighting is one of the fastest pickups sold in America.

Top 10 Fastest Pickup Trucks Sold in America

Most people don't think of pickup trucks to be quick, check out our list of the top ten fastest trucks ever sold in America.
Heated seats are one of the top 7 new car features to benefit kids

Top 7 New Car Features to Benefit Kids

Useful list for new car shoppers of the top seven new car features approved by kids, for kids.
What to know about the volkswagen dieselgate scandal

Volkswagen DieselGate Scandal 2015 – What You Should Know

The top six things you should know to navigate through the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal if you're lucky enough to own a TDI diesel engine Volkswagen vehicle.
Crash test dummy sitting in a car.

Best Crash Test Ratings for 2015 Model New Cars's list of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's top safety picks of the best 2015 model new cars with the best crash test ratings.
Beautiful young professional car sales woman standing in dealership showroom.

Top 10 Cheapest New Cars You Can Buy in 2015

List of the top 10 cheapest new cars sold in the United States. These new vehicles are the least expensive and will save you the most money during ownership.
Ford F250 pickup

20 Cars That Will Make It Past 200,000 Miles

These 20 vehicles will go the distance if you're looking for a reliable and dependable vehicle to last you for the long haul.
Blind Spot Monitoring system warning system.

Best New Car Safety Features of 2015

The safety features available on vehicles today far surpass anything a few short years ago, take a look at the best crash-avoidance features available in 2015.
Soccer mom and the family van.

New Car Features Soccer Moms Will Like

If you're wanting to buy a new car for the mom in your life, you may want to check out our list of features that new car features make mom's life a little easier.
Cheap used cars and trucks to buy.

Safest Used Cars Under $10,000 for Teen Drivers

The top 10 safest vehicles available for teen drivers that won't break the bank.