Helpful tips and information while driving your vehicle.

What to do before running out of gas in your car.

Six Things to do Before Running Out of Gas in Your Car

Even with a gas station on every corner, here are six things you can do before running out of gas in your vehicle.
Top 10 Misconceptions about fuel economy exposed

Top 10 Misconceptions About Fuel Economy Exposed

Useful list of the top 10 myths about fuel economy as per the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
How to pack an emergency car kit for the holidays.

How to Pack an Emergency Car Kit for the Holidays

These items should be in every well prepared emergency car kit in case of any unexpected roadside emergencies while traveling this holiday season.
How to Winterize Your Car for Cold Weather Driving.

How to Winterize a Vehicle for Cold Weather Driving

Easy to follow tips on how to winterize your vehicle to keep you safe while driving during cold weather.
Sporty paddle shifters are one of the top 10 new car features drivers can't live without

Top 10 New Car Features Drivers Can Live Without

Some features don't deliver as promised or are made redundant to capable smart phones, these are the new car features drivers realize they could live without.