2015 Ford F150 Raptor

Best Selling New Cars for February 2015

New vehicle sales continue to increase in spite of the bad weather conditions most of the country has had to deal with and it looks like people are still loving their pickup trucks.

Ford continues to dominate the best sellers list with its Ford F-Series pickup with a monthly sales volume of 55,236. Even though it’s a monthly decrease of -1.2% from February last year. It’s still an increase of 7% with a YTD total of 109,606 F-Series models sold for the year.

With such low gas prices, it’s not a surprise that truck sales are on the rise. The Chevrolet Silverado was the second best seller and Dodge Ram pickup just missed third place by a little over a thousand sales.

The top passenger car remains to be the Toyota Camry. Just beating the Ram, it took third place with 32,942 sales, up 13.6% from last year, with a total of 59,705 sales YTD. The closest passenger car was the Nissan Altima with only 28,474 sales.

Toyota had two other vehicles make the list also. The Corolla/Matrix at number 6 on the list with 27,839 sales and the Toyota RAV4 at position 9 with a total of 21,943 sales.

Honda didn’t have a very good month with its Honda Accord. Declining sales in February knocked it out of the top ten. Honda did have one vehicle in the best sellers, the Honda CR-V took position 8 with 22,298 sales and an increase of 7.4% over the same month last year.

Take a look at the list below provided by Cars.com to see how the top 10 best-selling cars did in February 2015.

Best Selling Vehicles in February 2015

Rank Model Sales Change vs 2014 Sales YTD YTD vs 2014
1 Ford F-Series 55,236 -1.2% 109,606 7.0%
2 Chevrolet Silverado 45,395 24.1% 81,501 24.4%
3 Toyota Camry 32,942 13.6% 59,705 14.1%
4 Ram Pickup 31,298 6.8% 59,916 10.02%
5 Nissan Altima 28,474 -7.7% 54,822 2.8%
6 Toyota Corolla/Matrix 27,839 10.0% 55,196 14.9%
7 Ford Fusion 22,732 -4.9% 42,246 -4.9%
8 Honda CR-V 22,298 7.4% 45,509 16.7%
9 Toyota RAV 4 21,943 33.4% 41,767 25.3%
10 Chevrolet Equinox 21,723 0.6% 41,278 14.2%

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