The Honda Ridgeline was one of the worst selling vehicles in America in April 2016

America’s 15 Worst-Selling New Vehicles for April 2016

The worst-selling list is the one list auto manufacturers do not want to be found on.

Many of the vehicles on the list below have been discontinued or have been temporarily taken off the market so they can make major design changes to the vehicle.

If you’re a bargain hunter looking for a great deal on your next new car purchase. Dealers are normally willing to be a little more flexible on the price of the vehicles on this list so they can make room for the new models hitting their showroom floor.

Tied for the #1 spot for America’s worst-selling vehicle in April 2016 is the Honda Ridgeline. Honda’s Ridgeline pickup truck was a swing-and-a-miss. Last produced in 2014, there are still a very few Ridgeline pickups scattered around Honda dealerships across the nation. Only one lonely Ridgeline was sold in April 2016 making it a -97.7 percent loss from April 2015’s sales number of 43. The Ridgeline was in a six-way tie last month with the Jaguar XK, Land Rover LR2, Nissan Cube, Scion iQ, and the Scion xD … All only selling one unit a piece.

Thirteen of the fifteen new cars on the worst-selling list sold under 10 cars for the month of April. The last two on the list, the Volkswagen Eos and the Toyota Mirage sold a combined total of only 80 units between the two. Nissan’s Xterra line had one of the biggest gaps from same month last year with only 2 sold last month and 1,100 sold in April 2015. Nissan’s luxury line Infiniti had the largest deficit with the Q40. Last year, April 2015, 1,371 Q40s sold in America and this year there was only 4 sold last month.

Check below to see where are the minivans ranked on America’s Most Popular Minivans Sold for April 2016 below.

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Top 15 Worst-Selling Vehicles in America for April 2016

Rank Worst-Selling Vehicle April 2016 April 2015 % Change
#1 (Tie) Honda Ridgeline 1 43 -97.7%
1 (Tie) Jaguar XK 1 43 -97.7
1 (Tie) Land Rover LR2 1 6 -83.3%
1 (Tie) Nissan Cube 1 113 -99.1%
1 (Tie) Scion iQ 1 73 -98.6%
1 (Tie) Scion xD 1 111 -99.1%
7 Nissan Xterra 2 1,100 -99.8%
8 (Tie) Mazda 2 3 21 -85.7%
8 (Tie) Toyota FJ Cruiser 3 8 -62.5%
10 Infiniti Q40 4 1,371 -99.7%
11 Mitsubishi i MiEV 6 16 -62.5%
12 (Tie) Mini Paceman 9 82 -89.0%
12 (Tie) Honda Insight 9 183 -95.1%
14 Volkswagen Eos 39 252 -84.5%
15 Toyota Mirai 41

Source: Auto Manufacturers