The Honda Odyssey was one of the most popular sold vehicles in America in April 2016

Most Popular Minivans for April 2016

The auto industry’s minivan segment experienced incredible growth of over 30 percent for the month of April 2016.

Several manufacturers saw nice sales gains in their minivan sales with the Dodge Grand Caravan (116% increase) and the Chrysler Town & Country (82% increase) leading the way.

The #1 most popular minivan sold in April 2016 is the Dodge Grand Caravan. Dodge sold 13,203 Caravans last month, an increase 116 percent over same month last year’s number of 6,126. With 46,915 Caravan sales year-to-date (YTD), Dodge is in the number one spot for YTD sales, beating the Toyota Sienna by just 1,591 units.

Just 156 units shy of the Grand Caravan, Americans bought 13,407 Honda Odysseys last month. Honda also realized a growth of 17.6 percent over same month last year and 6 percent growth on 2016’s YTD sales.

Three out of the eight minivans on the list showed declines over last year same month. The Toyota Sienna showed a -4.9 percent loss, as well as the Kia Sedona (-14.7%), and the largest deficit goes to the Mazda 5 with a -87.6 percent loss in sales. Even with the losses these manufacturers realized, the growth of the minivan industry last month was upwards of 33 percent.

Check below to see where are the minivans ranked on America’s Most Popular Minivans Sold for April 2016 below.

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America’s Most Popular New Minivans Sold in America for April 2016

RankMost Popular MinivanApril 2016April 2015% Change2016 YTD2015 YTD% Change
#1Dodge Grand Caravan13,2036,126116%46,91523,044104%
2Honda Odyssey13,04711,09217.6%40,48638,1806.0%
3Toyota Sienna10,79511,353-4.9%45,32444,0762.8%
4Chrysler Town & Country9,1955,05382.0%40,81124,92763.7%
5Kia Sedona2,8963,394-14.7%13,12711,06418.6%
6Nissan Quest1,09986427.2%6,8493,153117%
7Chrysler Pacifica487487
8Mazda 554436-87.6%2594439-94.2%

Source: Auto Manufacturers