Lexus RX is one of the best selling SUV's in April 2016.

Best-Selling Luxury Cars in America for April 2016

Even with the overall new car market growing 3.5 percent last month, over half of the top twelve best-selling luxury cars in America experienced a loss in April 2016 over the same month last year.

The number one selling luxury car in America last month was the Lexus RX. Americans bought 8,767 RX’s last in April 2016, a 28.7 percent increase over April 2015’s sales number of 6,810.

The Lexus RX also increased its 2016 year-to-date (YTD) growth by 12.1 percent or 32,553 vehicles sold versus the 29,046 cars sold in 2015.

The luxury car with the largest growth over same month last year is the Acura RDX. The RDX showed an impressive 48.7 percent increase over April 2015’s number of 3,972. Americans bought 5,905 Acura RDX’s ranking it second place for April 2016.

Five of the twelve best-selling luxury cars on the list showed losses from same month last year. The Acura MDX had a -4.8 percent loss, along with the Lexus ES (-5.5%), Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class & M-Class (-12.5%), Mercedes-Benz C-Class (-15.3%), and the luxury vehicle with the greatest loss is the BMW 3-Series with a huge -31.8 percent loss.

Check below to see all the luxury cars and where they ranked on America’s Top 12 Best-Selling Luxury Cars below.

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America’s Top 12 Best-Selling Luxury Cars for April 2016

RankBest-Selling Luxury CarApril 2016April 2015% Change2016 YTD2015 YTD% Change
#1Lexus RX8,7676,81028.7%32,56329,04612.1%
2Acura RDX5,9053,97248.7%18,11715,31418.3%
3Mercedes-Benz C-Class5,6456,665-15.3%23,48427,608-14.9%
4Mercedes-Benz E-Class & CLS-Class4,8824,00421.9%14,46716,534-12.5%
5Acura MDX4,7334,970-4.8%16,68919,407-14.0%
6BMW 3-Series4,6816,866-31.8%18,78127,086-30.7%
7BMW 5-Series4,4544,2943.7%14,16416,359-13.4%
8Lexus ES4,4424,701-5.5%17,46018,746-6.9%
9Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class & GLK-Class4,4393,07144.5%15,4378,72876.9%
10Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class & M-Class4,3274,945-12.5%16,66815,4288.0%
11Audi Q53,9913,7626.1%12,83113,116-2.2%
12Lexus NX3,8153,42111.5%15,19012,53221.2%

Source: Auto Manufacturers