Mercedes-Benz is one of best new car brands of 2016

Best & Worst New Car Brands for 2016

Before spending your hard-earned money wouldn’t you like to know which car brands make the best, most reliable vehicles?

A question asked by many is, “Why do some new car shoppers buy one car over the other?” There are many reasons people choose one vehicle over another. Some factors include cost, quality, brand loyalty, customer service, and even previous experience with the vehicle’s brand.

As we all know, one good or bad vehicle doesn’t define a whole brand. You should also always research a automaker and its brand thoroughly before making a final purchase.

Consumer Reports takes a look at the top 30 car brands creating their car brand Report Card. Ranked from best to worst, they take a look at safety, performance, owner satisfaction, safety aides reliability and road-test data. To figure what car brands consistently deliver the best vehicles, Consumer Reports averaged the road-test score, overall score and predicted the reliability results for each model tested for the brand. This score was used to determine which auto brand makes the best cars.

The auto brand to rise to the top was Audi. Audi had an overall score of 80, with a road-test score of 83. Their predicted reliability for the brand is better-than-average and the percent of test models recommended are at 100 percent.

The worst brand on the list is Fiat. Fiat had zero models recommended and a very poor average road-test score of 52 and overall score of 38. The predictive reliability of the Fiat brand is rated at worst along with other car brands such as Jeep, Land Rover, and Cadillac.

Check out all the best and worst rated car brands for 2016 below.

Before Buying a New Muscle Car Do Research Online First

Before buying a new vehicle, it’s important to know the dealer invoice price and what other people are paying for the same vehicle in your local area. Otherwise, you won’t know what’s a good price to pay for the car.

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The Best and Worst Car Brands Available for 2016

#Auto BrandOverall ScoreRoad Test ScorePredicted Reliability% of Test Models That Are Recommended
1Audi8083Better Than Average100%
2Subaru7880Better Than Average100%
6Mazda7474Better Than Average100%
7Buick7476Better Than Average80%
9Kia7275Better Than Average67%
14Mercedes-Benz6780Worse Than Average29%
18Scion6562Better Than Average75%
19Acura6473Worse Than Average40%
20Chevrolet6475Worse Than Average27%
22Infiniti6376Worse Than Average20%
23GMC6071Worse Than Average17%
25Dodge5873Worse Than Average17%
26Chrysler5873Worse Than Average0%
27Land Rover5571Worst0%

Source: Consumer Reports