The Nissan Rogue is one of America's best selling SUV's for January 2016.

America’s Best-Selling SUVs for January 2016

The #1 best-selling SUV/crossover for January 2016 is the Toyota RAV4 by selling 21,554 units, increasing their sales by 8.7 percent over same month last year.

The RAV4 beat out the past four year consecutive champion Honda CR-V by 2,346 sales and the second place Nissan Rogue by 1792 units.

The real race was in between second, third and fourth place. They were all within a 554 units of each other and the Ford Escape took third place, beating the Honda CR-V by only 11 units.

Nissan sold 19,762 Rogues producing a very nice double digit increase of 26.3 percent over January 2014. The Ford Escape is the first domestic SUV/crossover on the list coming in third place. Even though the Escape had a decrease of -4.2 percent from same month last year, they still sold an impressive 19,219 Escapes for the month.

Not quite sure what was going on with Honda, but both the vehicles they had on the list suffered decreases in sales compared to last January. The CR-V took a -17.2 percent loss and the Honda Pilot, in the fifteenth spot, had the second highest decrease on the list with a -30.5 percent loss. The Chevrolet Traverse had the highest decrease in sales with only 7,014 sales for a -30.9 percent loss for the month.

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Top 20 Best-Selling SUVs and Crossovers for January 2016

RankBest-Selling SUV/CrossoverJan 2016Jan 2016% Change
#1Toyota RAV421,55419,8248.7%
2Nissan Rogue19,76215,64926.3%
3Ford Escape19,21920,054-4.2%
4Honda CR-V19,20823,211-17.2%
5Chevrolet Equinox18,57419,555-5.0%
6Ford Explorer16,61417,036-2.5%
7Jeep Cherokee15,34715,1541.2%
8Jeep Grand Cherokee13,16412,8062.8%
9Subaru Forester11,90411,2106.2%
10Toyota Highlander11,25811,0601.8%
11Subaru Outback11,19711,351-1.4%
12Jeep Wrangler10,79711,683-7.6%
13Ford Edge9,5337,58125.7%
14GMC Terrain8,8358,844-0.1%
15Honda Pilot8,56112,315-30.5%
16Dodge Journey8,4567,04120.1%
17Jeep Patriot8,5617,5639.4%
18Toyota 4Runner7,4966,9457.9%
19Mazda CX-57,0635,94918.7%
20Chevrolet Traverse7,01410,151-30.9%

Source: Auto Manufacturers