Doge is one of the hottest selling cars in January 2016.

Hottest-Selling New Cars in America for January 2016

The Toyota Camry is America’s hottest-selling car for January 2016. Beating second place by over 66,000 units, 2015 marks the fourteenth consecutive year the Toyota Camry has held the coveted title of being America’s number #1 selling vehicle.

Starting off 2016 in the lead with 26,848 units sold in January, an increase of 0.3 percent over same month last year. The Camry just beat out the second place Honda Accord by 107 units.

The vehicle to watch and with the greatest increase over January 2014’s sales numbers is the Honda Accord. The Accord nipped at the Camry’s heels last month with 26,741 sales and an impressive increase of 43.0 percent over January 2014’s number of 18,699.

Over 50 percent of the vehicles on the top 20 list show a decrease in sales compared to January 2014’s numbers. The Chevrolet Cruze (-23.2%), Nissan Versa (-24.1%) and Ford Focus (-29.8%) where the biggest losers for the month. Many experts believe this may be because of the cheap gas prices sweeping across the Nation.

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Top 20 Hottest-Selling New Cars in America for January 2016

RankBest-Selling New CarJan 2016Jan 2015% Change
#1Toyota Camry26,84826,7630.3%
2Honda Civic26,74118,69943.0%
3Toyota Corolla22,36227,357-18.3%
4Nissan Altima22,15626,408-16.1%
5Honda Accord20,76521,011-1.2%
6Ford Fusion19,87719,6940.9%
7Nissan Sentra16,14414,39512.2%
8Hyundai Sonata15,20912,36323.0%
9Chevrolet Malibu14,74611,87824.1%
10Chevrolet Cruze14,36318,693-23.2%
11Ford Focus12,97718,478-29.8%
12Chevrolet Impala9,9429,2147.9%
13Hyundai Elantra9,88512,240-19.2%
14Kia Soul9,1918,14212.9%
15Dodge Charger9,1647,02530.4%
16Kia Optima8,4139,394-10.4%
17Volkswagen Jetta8,1778,969-8.8%
18Nissan Versa8,00610,546-24.1%
19Ford Mustang7,5808,694-12.8%
20Mazda 37,5517,896-4.4%

Source: Auto Manufacturers