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Top 10 New Cars With The Best Buyer Loyalty

Repeat business is the one thing all automakers focus on when designing their vehicles. Customer loyalty is not what it once was back in the 70’s and 80’s time period. This is about the time imports showed up on dealer’s lots and car shoppers where looking for something different or a change altogether.

Some owners could care less what type or style of vehicle they drive while others are extremely loyal to a certain manufacturer or brand of vehicle. It doesn’t matter how much automakers spend on advertising, these loyal customers will not leave their brands and are not interested in changing what drive.

Forbes recently looked into this, they turned to Experian Automotive’s database and asked the question, “what are the top 10 new cars drivers would buy or lease again?” The vehicles below where picked by analyzing data on 6.8 million auto repurchases between the dates of October 2014 and September 2015.

Times have changed, unlike before the 1970’s, some manufacturers held onto over 60 percent of their previous customers when it was time to trade their car in. According to Experian, out of all the automakers out there, Subaru maintains the highest customer loyalty rate of 67.7 percent.

When it comes to individual new cars, the Land Rover Range Rover takes the number one spot with an incredible 48.2 percent repeat business or customer loyalty rate. This is a very impressive number for a Sport Utility Vehicle that has not had a redesign since 2012.

See all the new cars that have a forty percent or higher customer loyalty rate below.

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Top 10 New Cars With The Greatest Buyer Loyalty

Rank New Vehicle Percent of Repeat Business
1 Land Rover Range Rover 48.2%
2 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 46.6%
3 Lincoln MKZ 44.8% (Tie)
3 Mercedes-Benz 2500 Sprinter Van 44.8% (Tie)
5 Nissan Leaf 44.0%
6 Ram 1500 42.9%
7 Lexus RX 42.7%
8 Hyundai Genesis 42.5%
9 Kia Soul 42.0%
10 Subaru Forester 41.1%

Source: Experian Automotive