The BMW 3 Series is one of Edmunds most popular new cars for 2016

Edmunds Most Popular New Car Awards for 2016

Edmunds has around 18 million new car shoppers visit their website monthly to research, compare and price new cars.

Each year Edmunds collects anonymous search data to determine the most inquired about new cars within each category. For 2015 they used search data from January 1, 2015 to November 16, 2015. The most viewed vehicle in each category was awarded the 2016 Most Popular Vehicle on Edmunds.

Honda is one of the most searched brands on Edmunds, six out of the twenty categories have a Honda vehicle sitting in first place. The Honda Civic is the most popular vehicle in the highly competitive compact car category. There are many compact vehicles catching up with the Civic; However, impressive performance and great fuel economy have kept the Honda Civic the number one choice for many new car shoppers.

See all the 2016 Most Popular on Edmunds award winners below.

Competition Always Gets You the Best New Car Price

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Most Popular New Cars on Edmunds Awards for 2016

Category Most Popular New Car
Subcompact Car Honda Fit
Compact Car Honda Civic
Compact Crossover SUV Honda CR-V
Compact Truck Toyota Tacoma
Entry Level Luxury Car BMW 3 Series
Entry Level Luxury SUV Lexus RX 350
Entry Level Sports Car Ford Mustang
Large Car Chevrolet Impala
Large Crossover SUV Chevrolet Traverse
Large Traditional SUV Chevrolet Tahoe
Large Truck Ford F-150
Midrange Luxury Car Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Midrange Luxury SUV Acura MDX
Midrange Sports Car Chevrolet Corvette
Midsize Car Honda Accord
Midsize Crossover SUV Honda Pilot
Midsize Traditional SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee
Minivan Honda Odyssey
Premium Luxury SUV Land Rover Range Rover
Premium Sports Car Jaguar F-Type

Source: Edmunds