Lexus RX is one of America’s top 12 best-selling luxury cars for 2015

Top 12 Best-Selling New Luxury Cars in America for 2015

America’s number one best selling luxury car for 2015 is the Lexus RX. Despite being in a transition year, Americans bought 100,610 in 2015, averaging just over 8,400 a month.

Many expert reviews criticize the RX for it’s lack of third-row seating and “vanilla-styling;” However, new car shoppers found the Lexus RX to be the “best-of-the-rest” when it came to buying a luxury vehicle.

2015 marks the third consecutive year Lexus has shown a decline in YTD sales with the Lexus RX. Even though sales were down from 2014’s year-to-date (YTD) sales number of 107,490 (-6.4 percent), it was still enough to beat the second place BMW 3-Series by just over 6,000 units.

Lexus has three vehicles on the list, the Lexus RX in first place, the Lexus EX in fifth place with 64,969 sales, and the Lexus IS in twelth place with 46,430 sales. Acura also has three vehicles on the list, the Acura MDX (6th place) with 58,208 units sold, the Acura RDX (9th place) with 51,026 sales, and the popular Acura TLX (11th place) with 47,080 sold.

Six vehicles had gains over 2014, with General Motors having a record breaking year with a 28.5 percent increase over 2014’s YTD sales numbers. The other vehicles with year-over-year gains include the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (14.7%), BMW X5 (16.9%), Audi Q5 (22.6%), Acura RDX (13.7%), and the Acura TLX at a huge 146 percent growth.

Check out the top 12 best-selling luxury cars for 2015 below.

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America’s Top 12 Best-Selling New Luxury Cars for 2015

RankLuxury New Car20152014% Change
1Lexus RX100,610107,490-6.4%
2BMW 3-Series94,527100,970-6.2%
3Mercedes-Benz C-Class86,08075,06514.7%
4Cadillac SRX68,85053,57828.5%
5Lexus ES64,96972,508-10.4%
6Acura MDX58,20865,603-11.03%
7BMW X554,99747,03116.9%
8Audi Q552,00642,42022.6%
9Acura RDX51,02644,86513.7%
10Mercedes-Benz E-Class49,73666,401-25.1%
11Acura TLX47,08019,127146%
12Lexus IS46,43051,358-9.6%

Source: Auto Manufacturers