The Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of the 15 cars that hold the best resale value in 2015

15 Cars That Hold The Best Resale Value in 2015

With gas prices dropping, sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) and truck sales are dominating the marketplace. This is true with both new vehicle and used vehicle sales.

As demand rises for these vehicles, so does their value. This explains why 12 of the 15 vehicles having the best resale values after three years of ownership are either SUVs or pickup trucks.

Based on information provided by the NADA Used Car Guide, they’ve identified the top 15 cars that have the highest resale values over a three year period. They evaluated and tracked over 240 models and determined the vehicle to have the highest retention rate to be the Toyota FJ Cruiser, which ironically, is no longer being produced. The 2012 FJ Cruiser is currently maintaining 91.5 percent of its original value when new. Toyota also owns second and third place on the list with the Toyota Tacoma (highest resale value truck) and the Toyota 4Runner.

The Smart Fortwo holds the crown for the vehicle with the worst resale value after three years of ownership. The Fortwo only retains 32.5 percent of its original value after the first three years of ownership.

The only passenger car to break the top ten is Subaru’s Impreza coming in at number six on the list. The Impreza maintained a respectable 65.7 percent of its original value after three years.

The next closet passenger vehicle was the Dodge Challenger, at number eleven, with a retained value of 62 percent after three years. The Challenger beats out the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and other sporty cars when it comes to retaining resale value.

See what other vehicles made it on the best resale value list below.

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15 Cars That Hold The Best Resale Value in 2015

Rank Best Resale Value Vehicle Original Value Retained After 3 Years
1 Toyota FJ Cruiser 91.5%
2 Toyota Tacoma 75.6%
3 Toyota 4Runner 72%
4 Ram 3500 66.1%
5 Subaru Impreza 65.7%
6 Toyota Tundra 65.3%
7 Subaru Forester 64.7%
8 Toyota Highlander 64.7%
9 Toyota Sequoia 63.7%
10 Honda Ridgeline 62.5%
11 Dodge Challenger 62%
12 Honda CR-V 61.1%
13 Nissan Frontier 61.1%
14 Nissan GT-R 61.1%
15 Land Rover LR4 60%

Source: NADA Used Car Guide