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Top 7 Cars People Regret Buying the Most | Auto Cheat Sheet

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could look at any car and tell if it was going to be trustworthy, reliable and fun to drive for the entirety of owning the vehicle.

Hearing from individuals that actually own the car you want to buy can be a great way to help with your final decision. Many people rely on owner reviews found on various third-party websites other than trust on manufacturer or dealership reviews of a specific vehicle.

You must use caution when relying strictly on owner reviews. These comments are opinions only and come mostly from non-professionals and can vary greatly. A good technique to practice is gather reviews from both professional and non-professional sources and focus on things that will make your life better and are relevant to you personally.

Using information from the Consumer Reports Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey. They’ve compiled a list of the seven vehicles people regret buying the most. They asked 230,000 vehicle owners of cars less than three years old, considering all factors such as comfort, price, commuting, local driving, performance, fun, reliability…Would they buy the same new car if they had a choice to do it all over again?

The satisfaction score a vehicle received is figured based on the percentage of people who answered “Definitely Yes” to purchasing their vehicle again. The higher the percentage score, the higher the customer’s satisfaction.

The number one most regrettable new car purchase on the list belongs to the Kia Rio. Only 40 percent of all the current owners would re-purchase the Rio if they had a second chance to do it again. Overstated fuel economy, rough ride, and complaints about the cargo space and backseat are just a few of the objections about the vehicle. A few owners complimented the Rio on its commuting capabilities; however, not enough to keep the vehicle from being the least satisfying overall car in their latest survey.

Jeep is discontinuing the Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass for the 2016 model year. This is probably a good move since only 46 percent of current owners would purchase their sport utility vehicles again. Several comments about the sister vehicles included statements such as, “over priced and under equipped,” “poor gas mileage,” and one owner said that their Compass was “the worst vehicle I’ve ever driven.” Not very good publicity for Jeep, but the good thing is, they’ve recognized it and they’re moving on to bigger and better things.

Check out the other cars people regret buying on the list below.

Competition Always Gets You the Best New Car Price

When negotiating a new car’s price, it’s important to know the dealer invoice price and what other people are paying for the same vehicle in your local area. Otherwise, you won’t know what’s a good price to pay for the vehicle. I highly recommend using an online referral service such as Ryde Shopper or Motor Trend, their quotes will automatically include any discounts or cash-back incentives currently available in the marketplace.

7 Cars People Will Not Buy Again if They had a Choice

# Segment Vehicle Make and Model Percentage Who Would Purchase Again
1 Overall Car Kia Rio 40%
2 SUV Jeep Compass/Jeep Patriot 46%
3 Sporty Car Hyundai Veloster 50%
4 Minivan Nissan Quest 54%
5 Luxury Car Mercedes-Benz CLA 55%
6 Family Sedan Nissan Altima 58%
7 Pickup Truck Nissan Frontier 60%

Source: Consumer Reports