Ford F150 pickups on a car dealership's lot.

Most Popular New Pickup Trucks Sold for October 2015

The Ford F-Series pickup is America’s most popular pickup for October 2015. Ford sold 65,500 trucks beating same month last year’s number of 63,410 by 3.3 percent.

The F-Series pickup beat out the number two ranked Chevrolet Silverado and the number four ranked GMC Sierra separately. However, since they’re both sister trucks and both manufactured by GM. You could argue that you can add their monthly sales numbers together and say they beat the F-Series pickup by 4,668 units. I guess it’s just how you want to report and break down the numbers.

The Chevrolet Silverado came in second place again in October. American’s purchased 51,647 Silverado’s last month, an increase of 10 percent over same month last year. The Silverado’s YTD sales is just shy of half-a-million trucks sold with 492,551.

Dodge has a firm grip on the number three spot with 40,931 Ram pickups sold for the month. The closest threat to their position is the GMC Sierra in fourth with 18,521 sales for the month.

The first foreign manufacturer on the list is Toyota, they have the Tacoma in the fifth spot with 15,233 sales and the Tundra in sixth spot with 9,514. Toyota missed it’s breakeven number for same month last year’s number by only 11 units, showing a -0.1 percent decline.

Four of the ten trucks on the list posted losses in October over October 2014. The GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan and the largest decline in sales for the month was 27.5 percent for the Nissan Frontier.

See all the most popular selling trucks for October 2015 below.

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Most Popular New Pickup Trucks for October 2015

Rank Best Selling Pickup October 2015 October 2014 % Change YTD 2015 YTD 2014 % Change
1 Ford F-Series 65,500 63,410 3.3% 629,951 620,447 1.5%
2 Chevrolet Silverado 51,647 46,966 10.0% 492,551 429,119 14.8%
3 Ram Pickup 40,931 39,834 2.8% 371,574 359,702 3.3%
4 GMC Sierra 18,521 18,564 -0.2% 180,174 165,853 8.6%
5 Toyota Tacoma 15,233 13,010 17.1% 148,905 127,739 16.6%
6 Toyota Tundra 9,514 9,525 -0.1% 99,140 98,364 0.8%
7 Chevrolet Colorado 7,059 1,491 373% 70,291 1,600 4293%
8 Nissan Frontier 4,764 6,568 -27.5% 52,025 61,931 -16.0%
9 GMC Canyon 2,415 667 262% 24,841 683 3537%
10 Nissan Titan 882 990 -10.9% 10,403 10,686 -2.6%

Source: Auto Manufacturers