The interior of a Honda CR-V for sale on a dealer's lot.

Top 15 Cars People Keep for at Least 10 Years or Longer

If you’re in the market to buy a reliable used car, you may want to find a vehicle that’s only had one owner its entire life. People who keep their vehicles ten years or more tend to take better care of them than vehicles bought and sold every few years. did a study analyzing about 400,000 2005 model year car sales and determined the top 15 vehicles purchased new and driven by the original owner for at least ten years.

Looking at the list below, you can see most of the vehicles within the top 15 are vehicles such as minivans, sedans and SUVs. These vehicles are most common with families and senior drivers. Vehicles such as pickup trucks are used for work and are bought and sold frequently do not appear anywhere on the list.

According to their study, the Honda CR-V, the number one car people keep for ten years or more is the Honda CR-V. Almost 29 percent of the original CR-V owners held onto their vehicles from 2005 to 2015, twice the overall average of 13.5 percent. Foreign manufacturer’s still have a strong reliability reputation. Out of the 15 vehicles on the list, Toyota has nine vehicles and Honda has five vehicles.

Check out iSeeCars’ full list below complete with the percentage of those cars’ owners who do so and the comparison to the average.

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15 Cars People Keep for 10 Years or Longer

Rank Vehicle Percent of Original Owners Times the Average
1 Honda CR-V 28.6% 2.1
2 Toyota Prius Hybrid 28.5% 2.1
3 Toyota RAV4 SUV 28.2% 2.1
4 Toyota Highlander SUV 26.5% 2
5 Honda odyssey Minivan 25.6% 1.9
6 Toyota Sienna Minivan 25.4% 1.9
7 Toyota Camry Sedan 24.4% 1.8
8 Toyota Avalon Sedan 23.8% 1.8
9 Honda Pilot SUV 23.3% 1.7
10 Honda Element 23.1% 1.7
11 Subaru Forester 22.9% 1.7
12 Toyota Matrix 22.6% 1.7
13 Honda Accord 22.1% 1.6
14 Toyota Corolla 21.5% 1.6
15 Toyota 4Runner 21.1% 1.6