The Ford F-150 is one of the top 10 hottest selling new trucks for September 2015

Top 10 Hottest Selling Pickups in America for September 2015

Ford, Chevrolet and Ram P/U are still dominating the top three positions of the list with the Ford F-Series pickup remaining as America’s hottest selling pickup for September 2015.

Ford sold just shy of 70,000 F-Series pickups last month for a 16.4 percent increase over same month last year.

With 564,451 units sold for the year, Ford has a commanding lead with an increase of 1.6 percent over 2014’s year-to-date (YTD) of 557,037. The closest threat to Ford’s lead is the Chevrolet Silverado with 440,904 units sold YTD, about 120,000 units shy of taking over the top.

However, if you combine the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra’s total sales together, both made by General Motors, they surpass the F-Series pickup by over 3800 sales in September and over 38,000 sales YTD. I guess it depends on how you want to break down the numbers.

Ram came in third place with 36,598 copies sold last month, this was a -0.04 percent decrease from September 2014’s number of 50,176. Ram still posted a positive YTD change of 3.4 percent with 330,643 sales.

Eight of the ten pickups on the list are enjoying YTD sales increases over last year. The two trucks showing decreases are from the same automaker. The Nissan Titan with a -1.8 percent decrease and the Nissan Frontier with a -14.6 percent decrease.

See what other pickups made it on the top 10 hottest selling list below.

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Top 10 Hottest Selling New Trucks for September 2015

RankBest Selling PickupSeptember 2015September 2014% ChangeYTD 2015YTD 2014% Change
1Ford F-Series69,65159,86316.4%564,451557,0371.3%
2Chevrolet Silverado53,72550,1767.1%440,904382,15315.4%
3Ram Pickup36,59836,612-0.04%330,643319,8683.4%
4GMC Sierra19,75416,76317.8%161,653147,2899.8%
5Toyota Tacoma11,60811,993-3.2%133,672114,72916.5%
6Toyota Tundra8,0448,736-7.9%89,62688,8690.9%
7Chevrolet Colorado7,3343620,272%63,23210957,911%
8Nissan Frontier4,6176,853-32.6%47,26155,363-14.6%
9GMC Canyon2,3321121,100%22,42616140,063%
10Nissan Titan1,07897710.3%9,5219,696-1.8%

Source: Auto Manufacturers